Tiamat was an attempt to create an RPG library in Java. Over time it started morphing into a game studio before becoming something of a mess. There's a longer explanation here. Although not especially useful, I'll leave it up for anyone who's curious.

Tiamat project page

Java Artificial Intelligence Library

It is with some pain that I have to move Jail to the archive section. There are a couple of reasons.. I completed my Masters degree in 2004, my thesis paper was on neural networks. Anything that I used for that thesis is considered intellectual property of the college. This severely limits what I can incorporate into Jail. More importantly though, after spending three years studying artificial intelligence my interest in it has waned. I still consider it a goal to program A.I. at a game company, and I may write some applied A.I. demos as a means to that end. However, this broad A.I. project will be discontinued.

So what made it into Jail anyway?

Neural Networks: Implementations for the Back Propagation network and Kohonen Self-Organizing Map are included. Features common to all included neural networks are:

Decision Tree: Fast & accurate decision tree learning algorithm. Features include: Now about the user interface.. I really, truly dislike writing user interfaces and Jail is a perfect illustration of this. It came a long way since the initial release but still isn't great. The goal was to integrate many types neural networks and decision trees into one interface that can browse and edit them. Only Backpropagation neural networks were integrated.

Download Jail 0.2.1 - executable .jar file, source code, API documentation, & sample data: 650KB


WordBastard is a simple rich-text editor written in Visual Basic 6. I orignally wrote it to learn Visual Basic 4 and upgraded it a couple of times. It demonstrates many neat-o things that can be done easily in Visual Basic.


WordBastard 0.5 source code for Visual Basic 6 SP3 (or higher): 149KB

Game of Life

Conway's Game of Life is a classic computer simulation, dating back to 1970. Most computer science students are assigned this program at some point. This version is done in Visual Basic and demonstrates some tricky algorithms to implement.

Game of Life source code for Visual Basic 6 SP3 (or higher): 40.1KB


Expresso is a simple scanner and parser for the Java language. A copy of lex and yacc (or some equivalent) are needed build this.

Scan.l and Expresso.y source files for Expresso: 10.2KB