Electronics Boutique Christmas 1993 Catalog

You know the drill - click on the thumbnail images to open the full size image sets. These are all hosted on my Tumblr page to avoid bandwidth problems in the unlikely event this goes viral.

1993 was my second Christmas season working at Electronics Boutique and I remember it well. Mortal Kombat was of course a hot item but the really interesting part was seeing the Genesis vs Super Nintendo console war in full swing. The Super Nintendo was winning for most of 1993 (anecdotally) but it lost ground due to its inferior port of Mortal Kombat. By Christmas season the two rivals were back to a neck-and-neck brawl. The PC side of the store was interesting too with more gamers making the big (and pricey) upgrade to CD.

The catalog itself is quite festive with Santa's elves decorating every page. As an extra bonus there are a few pieces of vaporware hiding in here, I wonder if anyone will find them?


Super Nintendo (part 1)

Super Nintendo (part 2)

Sega Genesis

Sega CD

3DO, TurboGrafx-16, CD-i

NES and Game Boy

Game Gear

PC Entertainment


PC Productivity

PC Family and Edutainment

PC Hardware