Electronics Boutique Christmas 1999 Catalog

You know the drill - click on the thumbnail images to open the full size image. These are all hosted on my Tumblr page to avoid bandwidth problems in the unlikely event this goes viral.

This is one of the few Elbo catalogs that inspires zero feelings of nostalgia for me. In 1999 I was completely tuned-out from the gaming scene. I was in my last semester of college and working as a programmer at the ill-fated Mercator Software. That was a lot but the focus of my attention was getting married to my longtime girlfriend. I didn't want to get engaged before I was done with school but with the end in sight I was secretly shopping for engagement rings. December 1999 is a time I will always remember, but not because of gaming.

However, I'm sure many of you look back at 1999 games fondly so this catalog is for you. Looking at it I have to wonder if Elbo had two catalogs this year because only PC games are featured. I was hoping to find some cool Dreamcast pages in this catalog but alas nothing.


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