Electronics Boutique January 1994 Catalog

This is the 19th Electronics Boutique catalog I've scanned & posted with one more in the queue. At this point 20 seems like a good place to stop. These catalogs are a lot of fun to look at and I enjoy sharing them because they're an interesting piece of video game history. From them we can learn about how much games & systems cost at different stages of their lifecycle, see some prototype box art, and even catch some vaporware. That's all great but I'm getting burned out on the whole scan->crop->resize->upload routine. It's nice to get 2-3 "thanks for posting this stuff" messages a year but it's not enough to get past the burnout.

Sorry for being Captain Bringdown - I hope you enjoy the catalog anyway, it's a good one. Seeing the weird checkered pattern that Elbo briefly used is fun for me at least, I don't know if anyone other than ex-employees feel the same.