2009 Moron of the Year

Published: 2009-01-14

I know it's only January but I think we already have a winner for the 2009 Moron of the Year award. I can't imagine anyone over the next eleven months saying anything as stupid as the former KGB analyst and Russian professor Igor Panarin. A number of sites have recently given free publicly to his theory that the United States will dissolve by 2010. Although stupid on its own, he takes it to a whole new level by including a theoretical partitioning of the country that is laughable to anyone who lives here:

Hypothetical US split

Image (C) Wall Street Journal

The flaws with this idea are pretty obvious:

You know who created a more realistic idea for the division of the US? The guys who wrote Shadowrun:

Shadowrun US map

Image (C) FASA

Now that looks like something put together by someone who knows beans about the US. Even with the fantasy states in the Northwest it's still 1000x more plausible than the other one. I would have put Las Vegas in California but overall I can't argue with it.

Since I know as much about Russia as Igor knows about America, I think I'll take a stab at what a Russian split-up might look like:

Hypothetical Russian split