Cutting Bait: The Stuff I Will Never Finish

Published: 2010-02-09

I've been battling a severe creative block for a couple weeks now. I think the problem is that I've been juggling my limited time across a dozen projects, none of which I feel strongly enough about to focus on. I've decided it's time to start with a clean slate and scrap all these half-finished or half-baked ideas. I hope that by purging them from my brain I can clear room for some really nifty idea. I also want to document why I'm abandoning them as a reminder in case I get the dumb idea of starting again.

NBA Jam ROM Editor - I thought it would be fun to hack current NBA players into some version of NBA Jam. I was thinking of the 32X version since the entire system has few (or no?) hacks. Since they're now doing this on the Wii (more or less) this idea has little value now.

Dungeon Explorer II missing maps - I wrote a large guide to Dungeon Explorer II last year but missed a couple maps. I'd like to go back and finish them but the guide isn't really getting much traffic and I doubt the missing maps are the reason.

Save state compare tool - A draft idea for a utility to compare 3-5 save state files (well, any file I guess). It would make save state hacking a lot easier but the effort vs. payoff is still incredibly low.

Ys map or ROM editor - I'm a huge fan of the Ys games and would like to do something like Aridia for one of them. I don't look forward to going through the effort of figuring out how to hack another game though.

Genesis palette editor - Extending the palette editor for Aridia and Eisfrei to work as a standalone application that supports tons of games. 50%-70% complete but I've totally lost interest in finishing.

Various video game "Top 10" lists - I'll probably discuss most of these on future episodes of The Retro League podcast but not go through the effort of writing them up.

Various Virtual PC and VirtualBox how-to guides - I've done two already, that's enough.

Ahhh that was very therapeutic, quite liberating really. I now know the next thing I want to work on, wish me luck in actually finishing...