I guess email is the best way to reach me because I don't use any messaging apps. I also do not have accounts on any social networks unless you count LinkedIn but I rarely check the messages there.

Here are a few "why are you being such a jerk about this?" notes I'd politely ask you check first:

OK, so assuming you read all that - here's an email address you can use:

Contact Email

Understood that using an image is bad for accessibility - for the visually impaired the image says "email" at the name of the domain you are currently visiting.

The email service I use supports TLS 1.2. So I guess the government won't be able to see your message complaining that I think Earthbound is overrated while in transit. If that was a concern of yours then rest easy.

Other contact methods

I have accounts on various sites and forums that support private messaging. I almost never check the private messages on any of them. If you sent me a message through a site and I didn't reply please don't take it personally. I simply didn't check it. GameFAQs and are two that come to mind.

To reiterate - I do not use social media. I have no plans ever to. I'm aware of at least one other person in the world with the same name as me. I doubt anyone would create a fake account under my name but dumber things have happened. Regardless, if you messaged someone you thought was me on social media I assure you I did not receive it.