Content on other sites

My stuff on [archived]: A defunct video game wallpaper site, I contributed a couple of wallpapers there.

My stuff on I've mirrored my ROM editors and hacks here. This site has a ton of ROM editing utilities.

My stuff on Files I've contributed (text-only versions of walkthroughs posted here).

My stuff on dzone: Mirrors of some Java articles I've written.

Contributions to The few small contributions I've made there. My Nerdy Origins in Lock Haven

The 5 Worst Product Placements in Video Games: A funny article about games that are little more than blatant advertisements.

And head over to the podcasts page for some other links.

Social media

I do not have accounts on any social media sites other than LinkedIn.

I had pages on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Tumblr, and YouTube. Some of these sites may not exist whenever you are reading this. I deleted all my accounts somewhere between 2017-2018. There's a very small chance someone has my old handles today.

Seriously, it could happen.

Shortly after deleting my Facebook account I took a business trip to San Francisco. The Uber driver at the airport said he was excited when I appeared on his app because I had the same name as his brother back in Haiti. When I got in the car and wasn't Haitian and could barely speak French he may have been a little disappointed. We had a pleasant conversation anyway. I mentioned to him that the "HuguesJohnson" handle should be available on Facebook now. I don't know if his brother grabbed it, I don't plan to ever check.

So to make a long story short... if there's not a link to it on this page it's not me.

Followed Sites

This wouldn't be a web 1.0 site without a list of links to other random sites. Here's a page with every RSS feed I follow.

Other stuff

My pihole block list - not huge, just some annoying domains that aren't on the default list.