Retail Clerk'89


Retail Clerk '89 is a personal project to learn Sega Genesis programming, it might even turn into a real game someday. It is written in 68000 assembly language and is (mostly) open source under The MIT License. For the latest source code pay a visit to the GitHub project page.

Retail Clerk '89 is, or will be, an adventure game that pays tribute to late 80s mall culture. It also pays tribute to Sega Genesis RPGs from 1989, at least stylistically.

Retail Clerk '89

This idea dates back to 1995. For a long time I've wanted to write an adventure game and have a pile of unfinished projects going as far back as the Apple ][ to prove it. This one though I plan to finish because it also addresses another longtime goal - learning how to program an old console game. The 16-bit era is my favorite and 68000 assembly looked pretty straightforward so I went with the Genesis.

The play style of Retail Clerk '89 is inspired by 16-bit RPGs like Phantasy Star II-IV, Final Fantasy IV-VI, Chrono Trigger, and Shadowrun. There are no character statistics or leveling so it's not an RPG. Being a solo project by someone who's never written a 16-bit game it's not nearly as polished as the aforementioned games. If it had a box the tagline would be "It's like if Chrono Trigger was set in an 80s shopping mall and poorly executed!"

To see how this idea evolved over time please see these Sega Genesis programming articles I wrote along the way.


Retail Clerk '89 is set in Bayhurst Mall which is loosely based off malls I either worked in or frequented. It started as a mini mall in the 70s and slowly expanded through the 80s. It has two anchor locations, one is a trendy new sporting goods store that opened recently. The other is vacant due to an unexplained fire over the summer that destroyed most of the interior.

Bayhurst Mall

My earliest plans had the mall being roughly 15x the size of Mall of America so clearly I cut it down to something I can feasibly build. If this game actually works out then maybe the mall will undergo an expansion in later years.


The first demo features a massive world with four characters.

One Room Demo Characters

From left to right they are:

Progress (as of June 2018)

The rough status of game is:

This relative complete lack of progress isn't stopping me from releasing periodic builds. Here's the approximate roadmap:


All demo downloads are on the releases page

All source code is available on the GitHub project page


Things this has been tested on:


Never Asked Questions (NAQ)

I'd like to take a moment to answer some questions nobody asked:

When will this be on Kickstarter?

Never. I've been doing software development professionally since 1998. Every company I've worked at had rules against moonlighting. They've all been fine with employees contributing to non-competitive non-commercial open source projects in their spare time though. Everything I do on this site fits that criteria and this project won't be the exception. I have no plans to ever make this into a commercial project. Also, if I were to crowdfund a game then suddenly people would have expectations that I actually deliver something.

Can I contribute to this project?

Of course, that's why the source is available on Github. In particular I'd appreciate help in these areas:

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