Coleco Flyer

OK, I'm going to plow through this page pretty quickly. Two reasons: 1) the scans aren't all that great and 2) I don't have much to say about them. Hey I'm posting them for free so quit complaining. Anyway, about two weeks ago I picked-up a nice box of Intellivision games. In one of the boxes was a flyer for Coleco games that held up alright, not great just alright. Like every other classic flyer or catalog I run across I decided to scan and upload it for your viewing pleasure. As usual, thumbnails on the left, click for full-size image.

Here's the cover, it's the only part of the flyer with any apparent damage.

There's something weird about seeing a Nintendo game distributed under the Coleco label. At the time, Nintendo's only real presence in the US market was Donkey Kong. The home versions, although largely bad, were quite popular. The first video game I owned was Donkey Kong for the Intellivision.

Mouse Trap and LadyBug were slight Pac Man knock-offs. You're in a maze eating dots being chased by baddies.

Zaxxon was great arcade game. Carnival didn't do much for me though. Oh, this would be a good time to note that it's also weird to Sega games distributed by Coleco.

Some will argue that Smurf deserves credit for inventing the side-scrolling platform genre of gaming made popular by Super Mario Bros. I think it deserves credit for inventing the "Hot Coffee" style Easter Egg.

Venture was the game that this flyer came with. It was a cool game and all but something about it always creeped me out.