Bill Walsh College Football '95 Picks the College Champion of 2003

2003 was another controversial year for the BCS system as USC, ranked number one, failed to make the Sugar Bowl. This situation reopened debate over whether or not there should be a college championship game. What better way to resolve the question of who would be the true national champion than by running a simulation on an 8 year old Sega Genesis game?

Sugar Bowl: LSU (2) vs. Oklahoma (3)

Oklahoma takes the early led with a field goal.

Score: LSU 0 - Oklahoma 3
LSU starts passing right away and responds with a touchdown.

Score: LSU 7 - Oklahoma 3
LSU keeps the ball in the air and scores another passing touchdown.

Score: LSU 14 - Oklahoma 3
..and again.

Score: LSU 21 - Oklahoma 3
Oklahoma starts the second half with another field goal.

Score: LSU 21 - Oklahoma 6
LSU lands another touchdown in double coverage. 

Score: LSU 28 - Oklahoma 6
LSU runs up the score late in the game with a pair of field goals.

Final Score: LSU 34 - Oklahoma 6

Rose Bowl: USC (1) vs. Michigan (4)

Michigan hits field goal on their opening drive.

Score: USC 0 - Michigan 3
USC hits a long pass for a touchdown.

Score: USC 7 - Michigan 3
USC scores a field goal to close the first half.

Score: USC 10 - Michigan 3
Michigan opens the second half with a long drive that ends in a touchdown to tie the game.

Score: USC 10 - Michigan 10
USC regains the lead with a field goal.

Score: USC 13 - Michigan 10
USC puts the game away with a late touchdown.

Final Score: USC 20 - Michigan 10

College Championship: USC (1) vs. LSU (2)

So that leads us to the championship game between USC and LSU. USC takes the early lead.

Score: USC 7 - LSU 0
LSU again uses a pass-heavy offense and scores a long touchdown.

Score: USC 7 - LSU 7
After an few exchanges of punts, LSU gets the ball back and drives for field goal.

Score: USC 7 - LSU 10
LSU adds on a touchdown.

Score: USC 7 - LSU 17
USC closes the gap with this touchdown pass into heavy coverage.

Score: USC 14 - LSU 17
USC ties the game with a field goal.

Score: USC 17 - LSU 17
LSU sneaks back into the lead with another field goal.

Score: USC 17 - LSU 20
USC takes the lead in the fourth quarter with this long pass for a touchdown.

Score: USC 24 - LSU 20
USC throws the game's only interception late in the game leading to the winning touchdown by LSU.

Final Score: USC 24 - LSU 27

So there you have it.. LSU would be the college champion.