Electronics Boutique Spring 1996 CD

Disclaimer: The images on this page are from the "Electronics Boutique 1996 Spring CD". This was a promotional CD catalog given out at Electronics Boutique & Waldensoftware stores in early 1996. The images are only 256 color because that was the depth of the source files (keep in mind this was 1996).

Atari Jaguar & Jaguar CD

A while back I posted & reviewed a promo tape for the Atari Jaguar. Just about everything I have to say about the system is there. It was a "64-bit" system that was inferior to its 16 and 32-bit competitors. The Genesis and Super Nintendo had games that were just plain better while the Saturn and Playstation blew it away visually

Jaguar Core System

The Jaguar Core System was down to $99.99 at this point but would shortly fall to $49.99.

NBA Jam Tournament Edition

I'm sure the Jaguar port of NBA Jam Tournament Edition was somewhere between the Super Nintendo and Saturn versions. Even today I frequently play the Saturn version, this would be one of the Jaguar games I'd like to pick-up.

Defender 2000

Defender 2000 is one of the 6 or so Jaguar games I own. Like Tempest 2000 and Rayman, it's a fun game that could easily have been done on a 16-bit system.


Count Zoop among the the list of "Jaguar games that were virtually indistinguishable from their 16-bit counterparts". This time it's not a knock on the Jaguar though, Zoop wasn't really a high-tech game to begin with.

Dragon's Lair

Good ole' Dragon's Lair. It also appeared on the Sega CD, PC, and 3DO. It was basically a staple of multimedia systems until the Saturn and Playstation decided to pass on it.

Space Ace

Space Ace was something of an unofficial sequel to Dragon's Lair only faster-paced (and not quite as good). Unlike Dragon's Lair, I don't recall actually seeing this at our store.

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