Electronics Boutique Spring 1996 CD

Disclaimer: The images on this page are from the "Electronics Boutique 1996 Spring CD". This was a promotional CD catalog given out at Electronics Boutique & Waldensoftware stores in early 1996. The images are only 256 color because that was the depth of the source files (keep in mind this was 1996).

PC Accessories (Page 2)

This is one of the more dull sections of the catalog. It's mostly hint books with some incredibly overpriced Sound Blaster bundles to wrap things up.

Descent strategy guide

Yup, it's a Descent strategy guide.

Ripper strategy guide

Nothing to say about the Ripper strategy guide either.


Warhammer sure has some staying power. It was slightly obscure game in the 90s but now has a store in nearly every mall.

11th Hour Strategy Guide

For some reason I have the 11th Hour Strategy Guide. I got a free promotional copy of the game back in the day, I assume I got the guide free too but can't remember. Getting old sucks.

Wing Commander IV Strategy Guide

Wing Commander IV Strategy Guide, if I recall correctly this was a pretty light (meaning small) guide.


I don't ever recall selling a copy of CyberMage but here's the strategy guide anyway.

PGA Tour 96 Player's Guide

Here's the only WTF? on this page, the PGA Tour 96 Player's Guide. Although I have nothing to back this up, I think this is the only hint book for a golf game ever made.


Finally. the last strategy guide, it's for Capitalism, another game I don't recall ever selling.

Strato Warrior Joystick

Here's the Strato Warrior Joystick for $28.99. I never got why computer joysticks were so crappy for so long. Game consoles had far superior controllers for over a decade before Gravis and Microsoft grew the brains to start copying their designs.

Totally Unauthorized Guide to the 7th Guest and 11th Hour

Crap, more hint books. For those stumped on two games we have the Totally Unauthorized Guide to the 7th Guest and 11th Hour It's totally unauthorized dude.

Myst Hints and Solutions

The Myst Hints and Solutions book is up next. I think I have this one two (and also have no recollection of actually buying it).


Yeah, $134.99 for a QuickCam. Perfect for video chat over your 14.4 modem.

Surge Arrest

Not a surge protector, but a Surge Arrest. Book 'em Dano.

Marvin the Martian mouse mat

Marvin the Martian is among the most overrated cartoon characters. In this particular rendition it sure looks like he's holding a Japanese flag.

Tasmanian Devel mouse mat

Finally, a mouse pad that matches my mud flaps.

Tweety Bird mouse mat

If I ever get served a "takedown notice" for anything on my site I suspect it will be these stupid mouse pads. Big media companies, like WB, get a little anal about their intellectual property.

Wile E. Coyote mouse mat

Whoo-hoo the last of these mouse pads. I guess this would be my favorite of the four since the road-runner bits were always one of my favorite childhood cartoons.

Sound Blaster 16 Value Edition

Back to "expensive hardware I literally couldn't give away today". First up, the Sound Blaster 16 Value Edition for $104.99. That's $5 more than it actually was in the store, I remember because we sold a lot of these.

Sound Blaster AWE32 Plug and Play

The Sound Blaster AWE32 Plug and Play clocks in at $254.99. I have one of these in a box labeled "garage sale" right now. It can be your for $1 in a few weeks.

Sound Blaster bundle

We always stocked one of these giant Sound Blaster bundles and were pretty much guaranteed to make our daily sales goal if we moved one. Although we received different variations the basic theme was the same. They contained the latest Sound Blaster card, a top-speed CD drive, a stack of 1-2 year old games, and a couple reference programs. This particular bundle is $439.99 which was about $60 lower than average. Now, all this stuff can be found on your local train track. This ad also claims this is for "MPC/Mac" although there is no way you could ever install this in a Mac.

Sound Blaster CD 4x

To wrap-up the PC accessories section we have the Sound Blaster CD 4x for $154.99. The "MPC/Mac" error is on this page too.

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