Electronics Boutique Spring 1996 CD

Disclaimer: The images on this page are from the "Electronics Boutique 1996 Spring CD". This was a promotional CD catalog given out at Electronics Boutique & Waldensoftware stores in early 1996. The images are only 256 color because that was the depth of the source files (keep in mind this was 1996).

Reference & Productivity (Page 2)

This page has items 22-45 from the catalog, a fairly eclectic assortment of titles.

Planix Exterior
        Designer 3D

Just in time for the upcoming housing boom it's Planix Exterior Designer 3D.

WinWay Resume

Programs like WinWay Resume were eventually rendered useless by the plethora of job sites that offer similar services.


myHouse advertised you could "print your plans or hand a disk to your contractor" which probably worked better in theory than reality.


BodyWorks also fits into the category of software that was rendered obsolete by the internet...

Microsoft Gardening

...Microsoft Gardening too. With the Windows 95 launch Microsoft decided they needed to crank-out a bunch of crappy "multimedia" software to showcase their new OS.

Complete Do-It-Yourself Guide

Along those same lines is Microsoft's Complete Do-It-Yourself Guide.

Home & Small Business Value Pack

Home & Small Business Value Pack: Word, Excel, Publisher, Bookshelf 95, $264.99.

Word & Publisher Value Pack

Or just the Word & Publisher Value Pack for $134.99.

Visual C++ 4.0

The 4.0 versions of the Microsoft tools were the first Windows programming set I used. I was more of a VB guy in the late 90s so I didn't use Visual C++ 4.0 too much. From what little I've seen of the 3.0 version this was a major upgrade.


Bookshelf came with my copy of Word 95 and yet I don't think I've ever used it.

Windows 95

I still contend that Windows 95 was the biggest leap forward for Windows, even bigger than Vista. Heck, if it somehow supported an NTFS file system and 1gb of memory I would literally still be using it today


OK, now for a mini-flood of accounting programs. I don't have much to add on them. The personal versions sold decently but the business ones usually collected dust. First up is QuickBooks for $111.99.

Quicken Financial Suite

Quicken Financial Suite for $79.99.

Quicken Deluxe

Quicken Deluxe for $59.99.


At $39.99 Quicken was the best-selling financial application we had.

TurboTax 95

By the time this CD catalog came out, TurboTax 95 was basically useless.

Peachtree Accounting

Peachtree Accounting for $129.99.

One-Write Plus

And finally, One-Write Plus for $69.99.

Timex Data Link Plus

The Timex Data Link Plus was one of the worst items I recall. Clocking-in at $109.99 this gizmo was a watch that synced with your computer. USB hadn't been invented yet (or wasn't mainstream) so it worked by scanning a barcode on your monitor. No joke.


VirusScan, $54.99. Not much else to say.


Wow, $100 for QmodemPro. To call it useless today would be a major understatement. OK, I guess a few people still use dial-up but they probably aren't reading this image-heavy page so I don't care if I offend them.

MIDI cable

It's a MIDI cable for $54.99.


I don't think PC-cililin was available for sale at our store, maybe it was just our location or something.


I totally forgot that there used to be a standalone WebScan that was separate from VirusScan.

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