Hyper Catalog 3 Review

A couple weeks ago I posted a review for the first Hyper Catalog. This is a collection of six (I think) sampler CDs released for the PC Engine. We never got cool stuff like this in the US so I've been on a mini quest to buy them whenever they show up for a good price. Besides the original and this one I also have the fourth CD, but I'm saving that for Xmas season.


Intro 1

Intro 2

Intro 3

Intro 4

Intro 5

Intro 6

I don't know what happened in Hyper Catalog 2 (yet) but this time our CD hosts are stranded on a deserted island. They weren't in the first Hyper Catalog so I don't know if this is their first or second appearance. I have a hunch they were probably introduced in the second CD which I should get around to buying already.

The Catalog

Catalog 1

Catalog 2

Catalog 3

Very nice retro computer look on the catalog this time.

Bonk Comic

Bonk Comic 1

Bonk Comic 2

Bonk Comic 3

Bonk Comic 4

Bonk Comic 5

Bonk Comic 6

Bonk Comic 7

Bonk Comic 8

Bonk Comic 9

This first thing on this sampler is a Bonk comic that starts with him emceeing an event that turns into a boxing match and ends with a trip to the dentist. I've had a couple days like that.

Might & Magic

Might and Magic 1

Might and Magic 2

Might and Magic 3

Might and Magic 4

Might and Magic 5

Might and Magic 6

Might and Magic 7

Might and Magic 8

Might and Magic 9

I never picked this game up when it was in the US. I don't even remember seeing it on a store shelf. Assuming it was a 1993 release in the US there weren't many stores carrying the system still. This is a very impressive looking RPG and I expect I'd really get into it.

Mobile Police Patlabor

Mobile Police Patlabor 1

Mobile Police Patlabor 2

Mobile Police Patlabor 3

Mobile Police Patlabor 4

Mobile Police Patlabor 5

Mobile Police Patlabor 6

This is a visual novel based on a anime I believe. Sorry but I'm not sure how far into the story you can play.


Nectaris 1

Nectaris 2

Nectaris 3

Assuming I understand the history correctly, this is the same game as Military Madness and had been out for something like four years when this sampler was released. Neo Nectaris was released in 1994 so maybe this was an attempt to get people excited about the series again?

Blood Gear

Blood Gear 1

Blood Gear 2

Blood Gear 3

Blood Gear 4

Blood Gear 5

Blood Gear 6

In this demo you play as a giant robot going through a stage where you fight other giant robots. Either this game is really difficult or I am really bad at it. I did not last very long at all. The graphics and animations look nice though.

Ruin Kami No Isan

Ruin Kami No Isan 1

Ruin Kami No Isan 2

Ruin Kami No Isan 3

Ruin Kami No Isan 4

Ruin Kami No Isan 5

Ruin Kami No Isan 6

Too bad there's not a translation for this game as it looks like another RPG I'd get into. It has a night and day cycle which I consider a good sign.


Graduation 1

Graduation 2

Graduation 3

Not my thing here. The soundtrack is fine, otherwise this isn't something I'd play. I don't understand life-sim games in general. I usually play video games to get away from real life for a few minutes. It's totally fine for others to enjoy them of course.

Final Word

Now for the important question is this CD worth it? There are some solid demos but, except for Blood Gear, they all require Japanese reading comprehension. I can't really recommend it then except for weirdos like me who have some bizarre fascination with sampler discs. Of course if you can read Japanese then it's a slightly different story. You'll be able to play further but since most of these games are adventure or RPG titles they'll end before you get to anything interesting.