Midwest Gaming Classic 2015

I've done something like 10 recaps of the Midwest Gaming Classic and it's time to mix-up the format a little. This year I'm posting more pictures than before, way more, but cutting back on the commentary. I'm also not sorting the pictures into categories like vendors, exhibits, arcade, and so on; instead these are just in the order that I took them.

A few boxed Nintendo 64 games

This was the first year I recall seeing N-Gage games for sale anywhere

Atari Video Pinball

Here's a table of Super Famicom games that were going for some absurdly low price

A rather random assortment of items

Bag of CD-i games for $25

Bin of cheap Game Boy games

Video game movie trading cards

IBM PC with monitor for sale

The US version of DuckTales 2 is insanely expensive now

I don't really care about any of the games, I just want this tower

One vendor was selling custom handbags

Some 80s and 90s mugs and glasses

Aladdin Deck Enhancer

Although far from cheap, the Japanese version of DuckTales 2 goes for half of the US one

Let's ditch the vendors and start checking out some exhibits, first stop is this Sega Master System

A Duo-R playing Gate of Thunder

A prototype of a (hopefully) upcoming 3-in-1 component converter box

A close-up look at the 3-in-1 component converter box

It's hard to imagine the GameBoy Advance SP wasn't inspired by this

Back to the vendors for moment, here are some random toys and stuff

That Pac Man magnetic maze is going to be pretty high on my wishlist

Yup, I would totally bring this lunchbox to the office

Fun fact: I bought my copy of Mega Man 6 for $5

Check it out, a Pippin running Marathon 2, I better give that a try...

...and here's one of the reasons why the Pippin wasn't a commercial success

You know what never crashes due to running out of memory - Pong

One of the many reasons to attend the Midwest Gaming Classic is to play systems that are hard to find in working order

Sorry this picture is so terrible, the museum room is always dark which makes for a great atmosphere but bad photos

The Arcadia 2001, another fun system to try out at the show

TRS-80 running Lunar Lander

List of the Saturday panels

I don't I know if I mentioned in any previous reviews that the panels are right next to the bar

Let's head over to the arcade for a little bit, here's a Japanese Donkey Kong cabinet

And right next to it was the sequel

Here's a fun arcade game I never tried before - Simpsons Bowling

Old arcade racer I haven't seen before

The death screen is pretty funny

Although I was not a fan of the original Primal Rage, one highlight of the show was playing the unreleased sequel

Nintendo was back this year with a room filled with demos and free swag

Here's the free stuff from Nintendo

Down the hall from the Nintendo room was the Pac Man room, here are a couple games that were briefly unattended

This was not in the Pac Man room, it was just the first thing I spotted when I headed back to the museum

Here's another obscure system, the Videopac

Dungeons of Doom on an old PC

The Amiga 500 is maybe my favorite retro computer when it comes to gaming

Another playable rare console, the LaserActive

A closer look at the LaserActive

Ninja Gaiden for the Sega Master System

Tandy 128k Color Computer

Close-up of the Tandy 128k Color Computer

Back to the vendor area for a little bit, I am so tempted to buy one of these, maybe I should take a field trip to Japan

Some cheaply made Mario figures from the 80s

It's not all gaming items, there are always some Star Wars figures and sets there too

Some more Star Wars merchandise

Back to the arcade for a bit, here's one of the weirdest games ever developed

This is the most 80s looking pinball art I've seen

Sorry this picture turned out really terrible

The Real Ghostbusters - which seems to have started as something completely different and had the main sprites swapped with the Ghostbusters crew

I prefer the larger Disc of Tron cabinet, but the smaller one is pretty awesome too

A pair of Commodores

Down on the lower level there was a homebrew NES game called Mad Wizard

Hopping back to the vendor area, here's someone selling a translation of the Final Fantasy VII bootleg on the NES

Your choice of Atari floppy or cassette drive

This book probably only covers 1/10 of what you need to know

Square was selling this for ~$5 on their online store just a couple years agao

I talked to the person selling this stack of Animal Crossing for Wii and he said they were from a Target overstock warehouse, I gotta take a field trip to that

I've found that random pictures of NES games are the most popular item on these recaps

I have that Pac Man lunchbox but haven't taken it to the office yet

$950 for a Crazy Climber cabinet, I guess it's rarer than I thought

This was the worst game I played all weekend, it's some crossover of Pit Fighter and NARC

The triceratops is clearly winning this battle

In the Pac Man room they were collecting birthday cards for Pac Man who turns 35 this year

Star Worlds arcade banner

A few items from Star Worlds

This year the vendor area had many bins of dirt cheap Xbox games

Cheap PSP games were also plentiful this year

A table selling various carrying cases

I wonder if this was made before or after Sonic Spinball

Heart of the Alien is an oddly expensive Sega CD game, even beat-up copies sell for a decent amount

I played this at the Classic Gaming Expo, had this been released in 1989-1992 it would be considered one of the greatest NES games of all time

That's still less than the original retail price

Obligatory photo of a junk box

Bin of cheap Game Boy and Game Gear games

Check back on 20 years for cheap The Force Awakens figures

Quite possibly the greatest game box ever

Ah, Sega and their left-handed controllers

I need to convince my wife to let me get a tabletop game someday, Joust would be a good pick

I'm such a bad retro gamer, I played this in the museum and totally forgot the name

On my way out I made one more pass through the vendor area, here are some more dirt cheap PSP games

A Xenophobe arcade board

After unloading all these pictures I realized I should have bought this, there are so many good racing games on the N64

Here's what I bought, not a large haul this year

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