Midwest Gaming Classic 2022

This is something like the 15th Midwest Gaming Classic gallery I've posted and maybe the 17th event I've attended. In that time the quality of pictures posted has not improved. Neither has my ability to describe things at the show.

The Midwest Gaming Classic is always a great time. The show has grown tremendously from the tiny basement setting I fondly remember. The photos I post (almost) each year are like 10% of the total show. They're really just things that are new or interesting to me.

Oh, and these are all cropped weird because the show was very crowded and I don't want to post people's faces. It was quite a challenge to get any pictures at all this year. Seriously, there were a lot of people everywhere.


Why do I have a bin of stickers first? Just because they were the first thing I walked past. There's no planned order to any of this.


My kid was on a quest for some sort of Pokemon plushie, but not this one. There were again several plushie vendors.

Songbird Games

The Lynx usually has a solid presence at the show and this year was no exception. Songbird Games had a table setup with well over a dozen games for sale.

NES sleeves

It seems like repro NES sleeves could be a way to make a few bucks. I assume many have done the math on this and concluded that is totally wrong.

Jaguar CD

I really should have bought a Jaguar CD when they were on clearance in 1996.

3DO games

Also, 3DO games. There was a period in late 1995/early 1996 when every 3DO game was being cleared out for $20 or less. I couldn't bring myself to look at the prices on these.

Energy drinks

I believe these are just Bang with a different label.

Duke Nukem

Most years there is a network Quake setup, sometimes in a dedicated room. This year they went with Duke Nukem.


Remember when I mentioned weird cropping.. well, here you go.

Sega sign

Sadly this lost most of its color due to age and/or sunlight.

Video Sports

This might be a duplicate thing from previous galleries. There are so many of these knock-off systems it's hard to tell them apart.

X-Men arcade

For whatever reason there were a lot of single game MAME cabinets in the arcade area [Update: It turns out these were actually real boards in new cabinets, my mistake]. Maybe people don't want to loan out their original hardware anymore.

G.I. Joe arcade

This was a Japan exclusive right? I tried it and it wasn't my thing.

RPM arcade

I don't think I've ever seen this cabinet before. Maybe it's something I walked past 100 times without noticing.

Star Jacker

This was in an odd, out of the way place.

Halloween pinball

Here's the biggest change to the Midwest Gaming Classic over the years. I'll preface by saying this is not a complaint, it's a thing that's different. In early shows there were like 50 different classic pinball cabinets. Now there are like 10 units of 5 different new machines. Halloween was one of them. It's a good cabinet. Nothing against it at all. There were 10 or so of them, and 10 or so of the Mandalorian pinball, and others coming up soon.

Meteor pinball sign

There are still some vintage pinball cabinets, just not nearly as many.

Meteor pinball board

OK, this is a boring story. I took a picture of this because I recently did an escape room that I think used it for a puzzle. Not like you had to play pinball as a task, there was a clue hidden somewhere on the board. I'm not 100% sure it was this game. It was space-themed which narrows it down to ~100,000 games. [Update: I later confirmed this was indeed the game used in the escape room.]

Sega Naomi

It's a Sega Naomi, as the sign implies.

Tournament Cyberball

I haven't seen this cabinet in a while but it was definitely a staple of arcades for a year or so. I remember seeing it at Six Flags specifically.


One of the sponsors was Carcade which I guess drive to your house so you can play N64 in the driveway? Definitely not the worst party idea I've heard.

Sega CD games

I posted this picture from the vendor area just to trigger people with OCD.

Cross stitch

The vendor area always has a few people selling Etsy-type products. This one was new.

Computer Perfection

I'm jumping between the vendor area and museum a lot here. This is the museum, none of these were for sale unfortunately.

8-bit xmas

Here's a little 8-bit xmas section in the museum. You may notice the Tesla(?) in the background. There were some show cars that I assume helped offset the cost of the event.

VCS for xmas

Same thing but from a different angle.

Radio Shack Pong clone

I have definitely not photographed this Radio Shack pong clone before because there is no way I would forget those controllers.

Radio Shack system

Here's another Radio Shack knock-off system with bizarre controls.


This likely appears in previous galleries.

Super Pong

Now if the Carcade brought one of these then I'm interested.


Silpheed is a solid choice for demoing the Sega CD.

Sega Master System multi-cart

This is now in the top 10 of things I'd like to own.

Castlevania on MSX2

If you want to play a more difficult version of Castlevania then try it on the MSX2.

Kaiju pinball

This is another new pinball machine they had many copies of.

Dreamcast with custom joystick

Dreamcast with what I believe to be custom controllers.

Dreamcast custom joystick

Here's a closer look, there's no brand on it so I assume someone made it themselves. It was good quality.

Taito Egret

I try to keep these things positive but I'm struggling with the Taito Egret. There's nothing inherently wrong with it other than the price. It's around $200 at the time of this writing. All the games on it (and more) were on a $20 PlayStation 2 collection not long ago.

Leisure Suit Larry on Apple IIgs

Leisure Suit Larry on Apple IIgs. Maybe not the most kid-friendly game there but I doubt anyone under the age of 40 was interested in it.

Sega Picos

The US and Japanese version of the Pico. I am only 1-2 games away from a complete Pico collection and I'm not even trying.

Gaming on UNIX terminal

Gaming on UNIX terminal, something I have not done before.

Apple IIc

This Apple IIc was in practically new condition and just out there for people to try.

Cactus Canyon pinball

Here's another new pinball game that was all over the place.

Avengers pinball

I think Avengers pinball was new this year too. There were around 3-5 of them.

Armed Battle for NES

Jumping over to the NES homebrew room now..

Space Raft for NES

I've dabbled in homebrew development a little and this is way impressive.

NES homebrew

And some more NES homebrew stuff.

Video game selection center

This I have photographed before and will again every time I see it.

PC games

Heading back to the vendor area... PC games are uncommon here, this was about the entire selection.

Wii games

There were a ton of Wii games for sale this year. It was quantity over quality though.

Nintendo stickers

Some old puffy Nintendo stickers.

Doki Doki Literature Club art

There were a couple vendors selling their game-inspired art. I was surprised to see Doki Doki Literature Club being popular enough to appear at one.

R2-D2 thing

I am totally blanking on what this is. Yes, it's R2-D2, I know that. What this particular product is though I forgot.

Boxed games

A bunch of boxed games for anyone who likes photos of that.

Saurian Front arcade

I don't know why this is last but whatever. It's a Defender-style game that I don't recall ever seeing in an arcade.

Alright, so that's it. Check back in a year for another bad gallery.