If NES games were made today

I'm not some bitter, jaded retro gamer who hates any game produced after October 25th 2000. I enjoy plenty of modern games like... look, it's not important what modern games I like but I'm positive there are some.

Almost recently I wrote an article titled Skyward Sword and the Evolution of the Zelda Series. As the name implies it explored how the series changed from its open world roots to a more linear format. Along the way the amount of player hand-holding has grown to the point of being ridiculous. It got me thinking about how the original Legend of Zelda would look if the design principles from Skyward Sword were applied to it. The first picture I came up with was a bit obvious:

Legend of Zelda - Hey look

I planned to do an entire gallery like this but then my short attention span kicked-in and I decided to cover more NES games and modern gaming trends. I probably could have done 100 images but decided to stop at 20 to avoid beating any jokes to death. These are sorted from what I think turned out funniest to ones that maybe are kinda dumb in hindsight.

Final Fantasy - DLC

Castlevania III - system update

RBI Baseball - Ads

Shadowgate - hint

Super Mario Bros - hint

Tetris - hints

Ultima - new outfits

Nobungas Ambition - server full

Conta - buy Konami code

Kid Icarus - achievement

Legend of Zelda - blue rupee

So... this one actually happened:

Legend of Zelda - Don't spend it all in one place

Punch-Out - Press A

Kung Fu - tutorial

Tecmo Bowl - concussion

Metroid - You found energy tank 1 of 8

Castlevania - checkpoint

Double Dragon 2 - combo

Legend of Zelda - hint

Metal Gear - intro

Zelda 2 - single save game