Joe Montana Sports Talk Football '93 Picks the Winner of Super Bowl XXXVI

That's right - it's "Joe Montana Sports Talk Football '93 Picks the Winner of Super Bowl XXXVI!" All the football "experts" claim they know who's going to win and by how much. Well, I reckon a 12 year old video game can do just well. Why not give it a try? I'm sure it'll be just as accurate as anyone else's guess. 

The "simulation" was run using Genecyst X as an emulator. A CPU vs. CPU game inside a dome was started.. all that was left was to sit back and watch the damage.   

First Quarter Highlights

The Patriots grab an interception on the Rams first possession. It looks like this could be an exciting game. Looks can be deceiving.

The Rams respond with an interception of their own. They try a mix of running and passing plays but don't get anywhere.

Another Rams interception leads to a field goal attempt. This one comes after the Patriots manage to gain 20 yards in the air.

Rams attempt a 50 yard field goal which falls short and to the right.

Second Quarter Highlights

The Rams pick off another pass near the 50 yard line but don't take advantage of the field position. Three unsuccessful running attempts force them to punt the ball away.

The Patriots come out passing again and the Rams intercept the ball again. They take the ball to the 15 and then unsuccessfully try to convert on fourth down. The Patriots are left with a long trip to their end zone.

The QB for the Patriots gets plowed over on second down. This series results in another punt.

The Rams try another long field goal and again miss short and right. The first half ends with the score 0-0.

Third Quarter Highlights

The QB for the Rams gets blasted on first down. The Patriots would land three sacks today but the Rams would more than double that.

The Patriots complete a long pass which takes them all the way to their own 7.

The Patriots squander their excellent field position by tossing up another interception.

After a few punts the Patriots wind up pinned within their own 15. The Rams push them back further with another sack.

Fourth Quarter Highlights

The Rams complete a big pass on third down but fail to score. After three running attempts for no gain they try a fake field goal on fourth and land an incomplete pass.


Believe it or not this screenshot is the Patriots going for it on fourth and nine on their own two-yard line.

Luckily for them it works.. unluckily for them they ultimately don't get past their own forty.

The Rams finally hit a field goal with under a minute on the clock. The Patriots try to drive up the field for a quick score but fail. Maybe if they used some of their timeouts they could have done it.. but they didn't and the Rams win 3-0.

Statistics (warning: this is ugly)

Sportstalk Sportstalk Actual Actual
Score 0 3 20 17
Time of Possession 8:16 11:44 26:30 33:30
First Downs 3 4 15 26
Total Yards 50 62 267 427
Rushing Yards -8 32 133 90
Passing Yards 58 30 134 337
Avg Yards/Play 1.0 1.0 4.9 6.2
Turnovers 6 2
Comp/Attempts 4/28 9/27 16/27 28/44
Completion % 14% 33%
Longest Pass 31 26 23 30
First Downs (Pass) 3 4 8 16
Gross Yards 82 87
Sacks/Yards Lost 3/24 7/57 2/11 3/28
Net Passing Yards 58 30 145 365
Rushing Attempts 16 23 25 22
Rushing Yards -8 32 133 90
Avg Yards/Carry -0.5 1.3
Longest Run 6 7 22 15
First Downs (Run) 0 0 6 7
Tackles 47 33
Tackles for Loss 12 10
Sacks 7 3
Fumbles Recovered 0 0
Interceptions/Yards 2/22 6/15 2/77 0/0
F.G.s Blocked 0 0
Punts Blocked 0 0
F.G.s Made/Attempts 0/0 1/3 2/2 1/2
Long F.G. 0 31
F.G.s Blocked 0 0
Punts 5 7
Long Punt 47 47
Avt Yard/Punt 46.0 44.5
Punts Inside 20 1 1
Punts Blocked 0 0
3rd Down % 0% 6%
Penalties/Yards 0/0 0/0
K.O. Returns/Yards 2/31 1/19
K.O. Avg Return 15.5 19
Long K.O. Return 18 19
Punt Returns/Yards 5/45 4/38
Punt Avg Return 9 9.5
Long Punt Return 10 14