Game Hunter

Trophy Room 2007

Sorry but I need to first answer the one FAQ that keeps coming up for this section: These are not items I am selling. If there is anything on here I decided not to keep it's already been sold or traded by the time you're contacting me.

2006 may have been a tad disappointing but 2007 was a hit from the beginning. I went out hunting nearly every Saturday in the summer and scored several decent finds. In the process I managed to build-up my collection and score a couple monumental prizes.

Super Scope

Super Scope ($6)

Hunting season started early this year. In February I had to take a trip out to Davenport Iowa, which I highly recommend against doing. It's probably a nice city in the summer but was fairly miserable in the heart of winter. While I had a few free minutes I ducked into a thrift store and found a Super Scope in box for $6. I thought it was a tad overpriced, and it was missing the pack-in game, but bought it anyway.

Pico with Six Games

Pico with Six Games ($10)

Spring rolled around and on my first expedition I found a Sega Pico with six games for $10. They wanted $15 but I managed to talk them down. Since the Pico I found last year was such a smash with my daughter I had to get some more games for her. I'll hang onto the extra system in case something breaks on the first one.

Box with Intellivision and games

Box with Intellivision and games

I first noted this incredible find on my Midwest Gaming Classic 2007 review. I decided to take a scenic route up to the show and hit a few garage sales on the way. We stopped at a neighborhood garage sale in Bristol Wisconsin. At the third house I spotted an Intellivision in a box with a few games for $5. The Intellivision looked like hell, I still haven't tested it but am confident it doesn't work. However, there was a nice assortment of games including the rare "The Jetsons Ways with Words" game. Even though I don't have the computer attachment required to play it, I have no plans to sell it.

Ten Super Nintendo Games

Ten Super Nintendo Games ($2 Each)

Another successful Saturday as I found someone selling a bunch of Super Nintendo games. I talked them down to selling the whole lot for $20, not too shabby.

PGA Tour 96 for Sega Genesis

PGA Tour 96 for Sega Genesis ($1)

After the Super Nintendo find I hit something of a dry spell. A good 4-5 weeks went by with nothing, zilch. Things started to turn around when I found a PGA Tour 96 for Sega Genesis for a cool buck.

Gauntlet and Five Atari 2600 Games

Gauntlet and Five Atari 2600 Games ($10)

Found these at a gigantic yard sale, maybe the largest I went to all year. The only problem is they were not bargaining on prices, period. They had a bunch of NES games for $5 each which was a rip-off, still I couldn't pass on Gauntlet in box. They also had an unbelievable number of Atari 2600 games at $1 each. I took five that I didn't have and called it a day.

Mattel Handhelds

Mattel Handhelds (50¢ Each)

The next weekend I spotted an estate sale which I dropped in on. I found a few of those old Burger King glasses from the 80s (i.e. those Star Wars one) and a pair of original Mattel handhelds. The football game was actually brand new. OK, the box was a bit worn but it hadn't been opened. The Mind Boggler game was used but in good shape.

Sega Genesis and NES Games

Sega Genesis and NES Games ($1.00 Each)

It was Labor Day weekend and I was ducking out to the grocery store to stock-up for the holiday festivities when I passed a garage sale on my street. I pulled over and saw a nice stack of Genesis and NES games for $1 each. I grabbed them all and went on my way.

Nintendo Power Pad

Nintendo Power Pad ($2.00)

Found this at a another yard sale that was mostly junk. Not entirely sure why I bought it since I didn't own any Power Pad games and even if I did I wouldn't play them. Whatever, seemed like something worth having, maybe I'll get rid of it later.

Choose Your Own Adventure Books

Choose Your Own Adventure Books (5¢ Each)

Alright, these aren't video games but I couldn't resist including them. As a kid I used to love these books, must have had a few dozen of them. I bought these with the delusion that my kids may enjoy them when they're old enough to read. We'll see...

Box of Thirty Games

Box of Thirty Games ($30)

Fall rolled around and garage sale season was nearly done. Spotted one near my house on a Saturday so I paid a visit. I was not disappointed, they had a box of NES, Genesis, Super Nintendo, and N64 games for various prices. I counted thirty games in the box so I offered $30 and they were happy to unload them. This purchase brought some closure to the 2007 hunting season; it included the Super Scope cartridge and World Class Track Meet. So I can actually use the two bulky accessories found earlier in the year. Although this added a few duplicates to my collection I considered it a great find.

Four Sega Genesis Games

Four Sega Genesis Games (99¢ Each)

With summer long forgotten I stopped at a Goodwill store on the way to somewhere else. It was worth the 2-minute detour when I spotted a few Genesis games I didn't own priced at 99¢ each. Yeah, that's the Barney game and yeah I bought it. I won't let my kid watch Barney, I suppose the ban extends to video games too. However, I own plenty of other Genesis games that I'm unlikely to play so whatever.