Guide to Dungeon Explorer II for TurboGrafx-16 CD

Character Guide

Alex - fighter

This is a good character to start with - his shield magic and the magic sword are handy against bosses.

Ardin - hunter

Well-balanced stats and good white magic, the barrier spell can absorb a pile of damage. The reflect spell, on the other hand, is more annoying than useful.

Dorz - dwarf

Not a great character, the extra hit points don't last long when you can't outrun anything. His magic is not real impressive either.

Efrem - wizard

A good support character but difficult in a solo quest at first. His thunder spell is very useful when you're badly outnumbered.

Fina - elf

Similar to Efrem but with a healing spell which gives her the edge in my book.

Riot - bard

Just like in the original Dungeon Explorer, his black magic is completely useless. If you really want a challenge then give him a try.

Sepi - thief

The fastest of the initial characters which can get you through some dungeons without much fighting. Still, I can't recommend her for a solo quest because she's just too weak.

Sorn - cleric

This is usually who I start with because of his strong healing magic...

Gwen - witch

...and then I switch to Gwen right away. Her healing magic isn't quite as good at Sorn's but the other stat upgrades are worth it.

Shun - monk

Shun is another secret character worth a look at. He is very fast and can run through many dungeons without a scratch.

Miriam - princess

Miriam is a good character to switch to once you find her.

BE - robot

This is my favorite character. Forget the number next to the agility score, this little guy is fast. His barrier magic is very strong, one potion will last a long time.

Yuri - engineer

High hit points and power but too slow, similar to Dorz.

Xan - beastman

Xan is the easiest character to win with. His high initial stats mean you'll be able to max-out his agility and attack once you transfer all your crystals to him (assuming you fought all the optional bosses along the way).

Character Upgrades

About 3/4 of the way through Dungeon Explorer II you receive the orb which allows you to upgrade all the initial characters. It requires backtracking to the Undersea Cave for each character you want to upgrade but is well worth it because their attack is upgraded and they gain some speed.

They also receive a stylish new look.

Alex - knight

Alex upgrades to a Knight.

Ardin - sniper

Ardin upgrades to a Sniper.

Dorz - dwarflord

Dorz upgrades to a Dwarflord.

Efrem - warlock

Efrem upgrades to a Warlock.

Fina - highelf

Fina upgrades to a Highelf.

Riot - hermit

Riot upgrades to a Hermit.

Sepi - rogue

Sepi upgrades to a Rogue.

Sorn - master

Sorn upgrades to a Master.

Secret Character Passwords

One very cool feature of Dungeon Explorer II is the secret characters scattered throughout the world. If you don't want to go through the effort of finding them, here are the passwords:

Password for Gwen






Password for Shun






Password for Miriam






Password for BE






Password for Yuri






Password for Xan






Secret Character Upgrades

Each of the secret characters also have an upgrade hidden in the game. Like with the initial characters, you don't see the stat changes until you change characters but they appear to take effect immediately.

Gwen's Upgrade

In Brem Village there is an old man who teaches Gwen the Crescent Moon spell which upgrades her attack.

Shun's Upgrade

In Trial Valley there is a cave that's a little hard to spot. Inside the cave is a monk who teaches Shun the Dragon Claw.

Travel back to Solis

When you start as Miriam you need to backtrack through the cave south south of Norville. On the other side you can take the boat back to Solis.

Travel back to Solis

Enter the throne room for a scene and weapon upgrade.

BE's Upgrade

Enter the first house you see in Mireville to (accidentally) receive the upgrade for BE.

Yuri's Upgrade

Yuri's upgrade is in the top left corner of Sef village.

Xan's Upgrade

After freeing Xan, head over to Bax and speak to his father.

Xan's Upgrade

Then go to the statue in the center of the village to receive his upgrade.