Grand Theft Auto: Vice City 100% Checklist

I'm not one of those obsessive types that tries to get 100% in every game I play. However, I would eventually like to get 100% in GTA: Vice City because it's one of my favorite games. The problem is I've stretched out that quest over several years. I won't touch it for a few months then suddenly get the urge to pick it up again. By then I've completely forgotten what I have and haven't done. So I put together a handy checklist of everything required to hit the 100% mark. It's in spreadsheet form with separate pages for the hidden packages, unique jumps, rampages, missions, and so on. I made it publicly readable in case anyone else finds it to be a useful format for tracking all this stuff.


Download Instructions

Just click "File -> Download as" to get an editable copy. If you want to import it into your own Google Documents then download it as an Excel file because that imports cleanly.

Download As

Good luck!