Shadowgate Guide

This is an archived page from a Shadowgate site that was hosted on I took it over from the original creator but didn't do much with it. I moved it here sometime before GameSpy completely shut down. This page is not actively maintained and will eventually break or be deleted during a future site upgrade.

Lands of Shadowgate


From the now-dead

"The lands of Shadowgate are in turmoil. Kingdom rises against kingdom, Princes fight with pretenders to the throne. Alliances are forged and quickly broken as leaders of men vie for dominance over one another. Lands of Shadowgate is a turn-based strategy game that utilizes Infinite Venture's unique proprietary Play-by-Sync technology allowing PDA and Smartphone owners, including Pocket PC and PalmOS 5, to compete against each other.

Based upon the award-winning fantasy world of Shadowgate, players rule a kingdom, build resources, and command fantastic armies as they attempt to conquer the lands surrounding Shadowgate. An untold number of evolving strategies await players as they train powerful wizards, build barracks for mounted troops, and scour the lands with their scouts and assassins. Lands of Shadowgate offers strategy and fantasy at a whole new level!"

This game was cancelled with no explanation. It looks like Infinite Ventures just plain went out of business.

Screen Shots

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