Power-Ups are a collection of single-game save state editors and cheating utilities. They're each designed to edit a single aspect from a specific game. They're things that are too complicated to fit into Hapsby but not something I want to devote a huge Aridia-like effort for. They're all hastily written in Visual Basic 6 (VB6) and open source.

Why VB6? The more I work with WebSphere Portal, and to a lesser extent .NET, the more I yearn for the simplicity of VB6. I've worked with a dozen programming languages over the years and VB6 remains my favorite. If you want to crank out a quick utility application there's just nothing better. At some point I might start using Gambas instead since it's the closest thing to VB6.

Isn't VB6 like not supported or something? The IDE is no longer supported but I wasn't really planning to file any bug reports. The runtime is supported until at least 2019 so I'm not terribly worried

All of the programs on this page require the Visual Basic 6.0 SP5 runtime to be installed. If you have Windows 2000, XP, Vista, or Windows 7 then you probably already have it whether you know it or not. So you should be able to download the .exe only and be fine. If you receive some zany message trying to run these then go ahead and run the full install package or download the VB6 runtime from Microsoft.com.

The source code for all of these is available on GitHub.

Falcone: Hit Point & Inventory Editor for Order of the Griffon


I had the fortune of working at an Electronics Boutique store when the TurboGrafx-16 library was cleared-out for $5 a game. One of the many games I bought during this time was Order of the Griffon. Being a fan of the "Gold Box" AD&D games I figured I'd love the game. Unfortunately I was letdown by the insane level of difficulty. I played about halfway through before admitting defeat.

Years later I decided to give it a try on MagicEngine... once I figured out how to hack the save state. After a little experimentation I deciphered how hit points and inventory were stored. That was good enough to make the game 1000x times easier. If you're thinking of trying Order of Griffon I would highly recommend giving your party a quick power-up with Falcone.


Download Falcone .exe only (probably what you want)

Download Falcone full install package (on the remote chance you don't have VB6 runtime installed)

Hilary: handling.cfg Editor for Vice City


OK, yeah there are a bunch of utilities around to edit handling.cfg files. This one is different in two ways - 1) it uses sliders making it nearly impossible to enter a value that will crash the game and 2) it automatically creates a backup just in case something goes badly.


Download Hilary .exe

Download Hilary full install package (on the remote chance you don't have VB6 runtime installed)

Luise: Phantasy Star III Event Editor


This one edits game events in Phantasy Star III. It lets you do wacky things like use Laya's Pendant or the aero parts in any generation.


Download Luise .exe only (probably what you want)

Download Luise full install package (on the remote chance you don't have VB6 runtime installed)

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