Retail Clerk '90


This is going to be a very concise walkthrough because step-by-step directions are definitely not needed. Retail Clerk '90 was designed to be extremely causal.

Check the map, do all the things with the red "story event" icon. Some are triggered just by visiting the location, others are triggered by talking to an NPC in the location.


Doing the bare minimum will earn you the bad ending.

Good Ending Requirements

The good ending is triggered by doing all the optional events for at least one NPC. Completing all the events for just one NPC is enough. Again, very simple.

Map - final day

If you have done all the optional events for an NPC, then there will be a final one on the last day. There are three potentially available for each main character. One of these events needs to be done too. You don't have to complete all three. Just one for either main character is fine.

Perfect Ending Requirements

The perfect ending takes a little more work but is not difficult.

Encounter 1

Encounter 2

Start of the trading sequence

The requirements are: