Burger King Nintendo SuperStars

This is the smallest gallery I've posted, just four pages. It's a little activity book that was included with some Burger King kid's meals during the GameCube era. I don't remember exactly when I got this but it was around when Super Mario Sunshine launched so the second half of 2002. It exists in an era after the GameCube launch, before the DS launch, and when Majora's Mask was the most recent Zelda game. I guess we can consider this a throwback era now.

Click on the images for the full-size versions of course.

Front Cover

There was never a proper Donkey Kong game on the GameCube was there? I mean something in the style of Donkey Kong Country or even Donkey Kong 64. Yeah, I remember now. We had to wait until late into the Wii's lifespan for a new Donkey Kong Country installment.


I'm sure that golden toy is worth substantially more than the Game Boy Advance game you could win from it.

Is there any fast food place more gimmicky with their fries than Burger King? In 2002 they apparently had packets of "cheese" you could sprinkle on them. I assume by now they've also marketed Sriracha-infused fries, glow-in-the-dark fries, Pop Rock fries, caffeinated fries, and lobster fries. How about this - just make good fries. People are perfectly happy with plain good fries.


According to the quiz, Donkey Kong was born in the United Kingdom. Is that canon? I tried Googling it and didn't find anything. Is it from a throwaway line in one of the games? I'm not going to claim to be a comprehensive Donkey Kong expert but this seems like the kind of thing I might have heard before Burger King told me.

First person to email me something like "I can't believe you didn't know that in the direct-to-VHS movie it clearly states the location of Donkey Kong's birth and his birth weight" wins a "prize".

Back Cover

If this came out in 2002 then it was before I had kids. Therefore I choked-down many Burger King kid's meals to collect all these toys. Hmm.. I might not have the Kirby maze one but that's still a lot of calories. The toys aren't super great. The Majora's Mask one is my favorite. The couple that are supposed to be games are basically completely unplayable.