Sega CD Collector


If this looks extremely familiar it's because this is a virtual clone of my Sega 32X collector for Android. I know, seems awful uninspired and stuff. The UI on that worked just fine so I didn't feel a need to change anything. If I ever do a system with a larger library, like the NES, then I'll have to revamp the UI considerably. It's either that I just keep making collecting applications for small systems. So if anyone wants a Virtual Boy or RDI Halcyon collector you know where to find me.


All games view

The application starts off with a view of all Sega CD games. This list includes all Sega CD games released in the US, including the 32X ones. It doesn't support Japanese or European exclusive games but could if enough people asked for it. The little icons underneath the title are a quick reference for what you have in your collection. The checkmark is whether you have the game, the B is for the box (for the first games that came in cardboard boxes), C for case, the paper-looking icon for instructions, and the heart for whether you're tracking it on the Wish List.

Filter game list

The drop-down menu in the top corner switches which games are displayed.

Edit game

There are two ways to edit your collection entries. Either tap on a game to open the edit dialog or tap & hold (AKA long press) then select "edit" from the pop-up menu.

Search ebay

Tap & hold (AKA long press) a game then select "Search ebay" from the pop-up menu to browse ebay listings for a game. The auctions are sorted by date, newest on top.

Auction detail

Clicking on a row in the ebay list brings up the auction detail. Click on the blue link to launch ebay in your browser if you want to bid on an item. It sure would be cool (and time-consuming) to figure out how to launch the ebay mobile app instead. This is another feature I'd consider adding if anyone asks for it. And a disclaimer of course: the author of this program is not responsible for anything that happens on ebay.


From the menu on main screen there are options to import and export your collection. These options allow you to copy your collection to another device. On the import screen you can select the name of the export file and the format of the export file. For now there's only one option for the file format. There may be more in the future (maybe even export to a Google Docs spreadsheet). Press the Export button to complete the export. Press the BACK button or Cancel to return to the main menu.


The import screen will show a list of all exported collections found on your device. This screen only scans the root of the SD card and the /Sega CD Collector/ sub-folder. If you want to import your collection on a new device you need to copy the export file to one of these locations. Select the file you want to import to continue. A confirmation dialog will appear since the import can not be undone. Press the BACK button to return to the main menu.


APK - version 4

Source code

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