TurboGrafx-16 Collector


I never bothered checking how many downloads my Sega 32X collector for Android got. I wrote it as an learning exercise and for personal use. I can only assume it wasn't a smash hit because it's for such an obscure system. This time around I'll go with something much more mainstream - the TurboGrafx-16.

Yes, that was sarcasm.

This is another application where the target audience is me. I suppose there are other TurboGrafx-16 collectors with Android phones so hopefully some of them will find this useful too.

This is an upgrade of the Sega 32X collector. The UI is more logical and it has a nifty Wish List feature that searches auction sites.


All games view

The program starts off in the All Games tab. As the name implies this lists all TurboGrafx-16 games released in the US, including the CD ones. It doesn't support Japanese games but could if enough people asked for it. The little icons underneath the title are a quick reference for what you have in your collection. The checkmark is whether you have the game, the B is for box, C for cartridge, the paper-looking icon for instructions, and the heart for whether you're tracking it on the Wish List. I'd like to have better icons for the box, cartridge, and instructions but aren't artistic enough to create them. The My Games and Missing Games tabs list what you'd expect.

Game dialog

On the All Games, My Games, and Missing Games tabs you can click on a row to open the edit dialog. Here is where you set whether you have the game and stuff.


On the All Games, My Games, and Missing Games tabs the menu button on your phone brings up four items: Title Filter: Filter the list by title (see below). Export List: Save the current list to a .csv file if you want to import it somewhere else. Maybe one day I'll add an import feature for people already tracking their collection on a .csv file. About: The standard about dialog for a program. Quit: Also does that you'd expect.

Filter dialog

The Title Filter menu brings up a dialog like the one pictured. Enter the text you want to filter by, it's not case sensitive and you don't need to enter wildcards. Hmmm.. I just realized I'm not checking for SQL statements so I guess you could hack the database from here. Why you'd want to hack a database on your own phone, containing no information of value, is beyond me so I guess I won't fix that. Anyway, click Clear Filter to remove the current filter. No need to go delete the text in the box or anything, just click the button.

Wish list page

The Wish List page looks different from the others because it's showing listings for the games you're tracking. Right now only ebay is being searched but if GameGavel adds an API I'll include them too.

Auction dialog

Clicking on a row in the Wish List brings up the auction detail. Click on the blue link to launch ebay in your browser if you want to bid on an item. It sure would be cool (and time-consuming) to include better integration with ebay so you could bid directly from this program. This is another feature I'd consider adding if anyone downloads this and asks for it. And a disclaimer of course: the author of this program is not responsible for anything that happens on ebay.


APK - version 1.01

Source code

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