Falcom Translations


In the 1990s Falcom offered a number of nifty freeware programs on their web site. Despite not being able to read Japanese I decided to translate some of them to English.

Every program translated here is freeware from Falcom, no commercial products are posted here.


Ys screen saver dialog in English


** Since these are all 32-bit programs they may not work in 64-bit versions of Windows. Most of the screen savers require the file winnls.dll, see this tiny winnls.dll faq. **

Ys screen saver collection - Windows: 311KB

Monarch Monarch screen saver collection - Windows: 309KB

Brandish IV screen saver collection - Windows: 284KB

Legend of Heroes screen saver collection - Windows: 396KB

Popful Mail screen saver - Windows: 48.3KB

Vantage Master screen saver collection - Windows: 328KB

Destiny screen saver - Windows: 102KB

MClock - Windows: 299KB (Installer not translated)

More interesting Falcom translation projects

I know, you were probably expecting something better than this. As my way of making it up to you, here are projects you'll find more interesting.

Ys IV for PC Engine English translation and re-dub

Ys III for Famicom English translation

Ys III for MSX English translation

Ys V for Super Famicom English translation

Ys IV for Super Famicom English translation

Ys for MSX English translation

Ys for Famicom English translation

Ys Complete for PC English translation

Ys II for Famicom English translation

Ao no Kiseki for PSP English translation

Dragon Slayer: The Legend of Heroes for MSX English translation

Lord Monarch for Mega Drive English translation


All programs on this page are properties of Nihon Falcom that were posted as freeware. None of these translations are done with the permission of Nihon Falcom and will be removed if requested by their owner.