Midwest Gaming Classic 2013

Midwest Gaming Classic 2013

Yeah I know, this recap is extremely late. I have about 100 bad excuses for that. At least I finished it before the 2014 show. As with my last few recaps I'm trying to only spotlight things I haven't talked about in the past. I would say that gets harder every year except they keep adding great stuff to the Midwest Gaming Classic.


Vendors - Pac Man Christmas album

I had no idea there was a Pac Man Christmas album, yet I'm not surprised that it exists either. Time to go scour some shady sites for an mp3 copy...

Vendors - Pac Man mugs

You know what's stupid? I took a picture of these mugs I liked but forgot to buy one. I hope they have them next year.

Vendors - Cosmic Carnage for 32X

Anybody need a copy of Cosmic Carnage? This must officially be the least scarce boxed 32X game, I would have expected Virtua Racing.

Vendors - Wooden Pac Man ghost

Lately there have been more vendors with Etsy-type crafts for sale. This was one of the cooler homemade items.

Vendors - ROB the Robot

It was crazy to see someone that had three ROB the Robots for sale. Or is ROBs the Robot the correct plural form?

Vendors - Random arcade games for sale

These were technically outside the vendor area but they were for sale. Arcade games for sale are generally found in multiple areas of the event. I've heard they may consolidate all the arcade games into one giant area next time.

Vendors - Tapper

Also for sale in the same area - Tapper.

Vendors - Clocks

I would buy one of these except then what would I do with the Chrono Cross clock I got at a previous Midwest Gaming Classic?

Vendors - Virtual Boy

Finally, a way to make the Virtual Boy semi-portable.

Vendors - Atari 2600 cartridge changer

Here's an Atari 2600 accessory for those too lazy to change a cartridge. I'm included in that demographic as I have several Atari Flashback systems hooked-up instead of a real 2600 for that very reason.

Vendors - Boxed NES games

Here's a very impressive assortment of NES games.

Vendors - Boxed Genesis games

Boxed Genesis games are always plentiful too.

Vendors - Cheap PC Engine games

There was a decent variety of cheap PC Engine games in this bin. I grabbed a couple games that looked like they didn't require too much Japanese to play.

Vendors - Cheap Sega sports games

In case you wanted to make a fort out of Genesis sports games.

Vendors - Cheap Nintendo 64 games

Making a fort out of Nintendo 64 games would set you back a little more but is still possible.

Vendors - Cheap stuff

Every year there are a few bins like these and every year I can't resist looking.

Vendors - Even cheaper stuff

On the second day of the event they were starting to get desperate to unload their clearance items.


Exhibits - Saturday panels

If all those crazy video game deals didn't convince you to attend the next Midwest Gaming Classic, perhaps this lineup of panels will. I went to the RetoN launch and Atari panels, both were great. The latter was very informative and featured a guest appearance by Steve Ritchie.

Exhibits - Sears Sports Center

Sears has fallen on hard times lately, maybe they should get back into the video game hardware business. Who wouldn't want a woodgrain panel PS4 clone?

Exhibits - MSX

I don't recall seeing an MSX setup for play before, it's probably been there all along and I kept missing it.

Exhibits - Ms Pac Man board game

They have tons of tournaments at the Midwest Gaming Classic yet not one featuring old board games... a man can dream.

Exhibits - Terminator

No offense to the Terminator game but I'm more interested in that TV, seems almost too perfect for early 90s console gaming.

Exhibits - Atari 2800

Here's a not very good picture of the Japanese Atari 2800.

Exhibits - Vectrex

This Vectrex was in one of exhibit rooms but was also for sale. I didn't ask about the price because I didn't need the temptation.

Exhibits - Coasters

There were also coasters for sale nearby. Since I still have a stack of 100 AOL CDs I'm covered for a while.

Exhibits - Mystery Castle

This might be my new favorite pinball art.

Exhibits - Kee Games 2600

Here is the extremely rare Kee Games Atari 2600 prototype.

Exhibits - Atari 7800

A nice tribute to the Atari 7800. This was a great system for home arcade ports.

Exhibits - Commodore PET

I'm sure I've shown a picture of this before but it's so darn cool I can't resist posting it again.

Exhibits - Moonwalker

Apologies for the darkness on some of these, a couple of the rooms had the authentic blacklight arcade look going.

Exhibits - ET sign

I always get a kick out of seeing old store signs like this.

Exhibits - Ms Pac Man sign

This sign in particular is something that would be incredible to have in my collection.

Exhibits - Amiga

An Amiga running one of the D&D gold box titles.

Exhibits - Quake network

Every year that I can remember they have a room filled with a dozen iMacs running a network Quake game. It's always packed in there, finding an unused keyboard like this one is rare.

Exhibits - Burgertime

Burgertime running on an old TI computer.

Exhibits - Commodore SX-64

The almost portable Commodore SX-64.

Exhibits - Arcade raffle

One of the many things you could win this year. This contest was sponsored by a publisher advertising their pinball collection for iOS and Android.

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