I try the X-Files DVD games so you don't have to

This will be very brief. I could not get this game to run. The same Windows 98 virtual machine that ran parts 1, 2, 5, 6, 7, and 8 did not run this. Maybe I will do a deeper dive into debugging this. Today is not that day.

Immediately it complains about my Shockwave version. I have the latest version that runs on Windows 98. It blissfully runs all the other games.

Shockwave version error

So instead I'll try it on a Windows 7 virtual machine. I'll try version 8 of Shockwave because I believe that would be the newest version available when this DVD was made.

Shockwave install

Windows 7 is complaining about the software but that's nothing to worry about. I like Windows 7. It's my second favorite version after 2000. It is extremely complain-y though.

Windows 7 complaining

We now get to a point where the window loads but is stuck here.

Totally stuck

Alright, well good thing I tried this game last instead of first otherwise I would have scrapped this idea. Maybe I should have anyway.