Zelda Pre-Orders

Back in 2000 I pre-ordered Majora's Mask for the Nintendo 64. It came with a years subscription to Nintendo Power and a soundtrack CD. I'm a sucker for those video game soundtrack CD offers. Anyway, apparently this got me on the Zelda pre-order list because I received these nifty letters pimping the next couple games. I'm sure tons of other people did too, the only difference is I forgot to throw them out. The artwork inside was kinda cool so I figured I'd scan 'em in case anyone else thought so too.

You know the drill by now, click on the thumbnail image for the full-size version.

Wind Waker

Wind Waker Pre-Order: Front of the envelope

I gotta say this was the best original Zelda game to appear on the GameCube. I know the artistic style wasn't well received at first, including by me, but it really worked. Since most of the Zelda games aren't directly connected it's OK to give Link & pals a different look every iteration. I prefer this Link to the Twilight Princess version but put him below the Ocarina of Time one.

Wind Waker Pre-Order: Envelope

The address side of the envelope, previewing the goodies that come with the pre-order.

Wind Waker Pre-Order: Insert - Link Up Side

The envelope included a little insert, this side lists what's included in the pre-order. With the bonus disc this was a great deal, I still see that thing for $45 used at GameStop. The art on this side is pretty neat too, featuring some key characters in the game.

Wind Waker Pre-Order: Insert - Sail Away Side

The other side of the insert talks about how great Nintendo Power is. I didn't mean &great& all sarcastically either. Maybe I'm just one of those Nintendo fanboys but I legitimately like Nintendo Power.

Wind Waker Pre-Order: Full Page

And here's the full page sales pitch which includes the same stuff as the insert. This offer totally worked because I immediately pre-ordered it. I got the bonus disc early and played through Ocarina of Time again to get myself in the mood for more Zelda or something. Although I liked the GameCube controller, it really sucked for Ocarina of Time.

Four Swords Adventures

Four Swords Adventures Pre-Order: Front of the envelope

A year or so later and the pre-order offer for Four Swords Adventures appeared in my mailbox. I didn't pre-order this game because I thought it looked like something that would be $20 in under a year. Sure enough, I bought it new for $20 within a year of its release.

I don't think I got a letter for a Twilight Princess pre-order. Of course Nintendo was gearing up for the Wii launch then and Gamecube pre-orders were a low priority.

Four Swords Adventures Pre-Order: Envelope

The address side of the envelope, it gives the impression this is a dark game.

Four Swords Adventures Pre-Order: Insert - Don't Get Burned Side

This offer wasn't as great as the last one. If you really needed the player's guide for this game then maybe you should consider a new hobby. This was an alright game and everything but it was also ridiculously easy. I would like to have that t-shirt though, just not for the price of the bundle.

Four Swords Adventures Pre-Order: Insert - Power to Plunder Side

Like the Wind Waker one, one side is promoting Nintendo Power.

Four Swords Adventures Pre-Order: Full Page

Hey, according to this the t-shirt is only available in L. I'm not close to being overweight but I can barely fit in a L. Just this week I went to a Windows 7 launch event and they gave away t-shirts, XL only, much better. I think we need to re-think the whole shirt size thing when an XL is comfortable for the average person. Or are men's sizes like the opposite of women's where we've artificially make them sound larger over time? I can guarantee if they marketed this toward women the shirt size would be called XXS instead even if it was the exact same shirt.