Tiamat Open Source RPG Framework

After much internal debate, I decided to officially discontinue this project. Read here for the explanation why. This page will be left up for anyone curious.


This page contains all the demos that have been created using the Tiamat RPG Framework. Their purpose is to demonstrate usage of the framework and try out new ideas. The source code is included in every package.

To run these demos you'll need to install the Java Runtime Environment 1.5 or higher.

All images below are thumbnails, click for the full-size image.

Camineet Demo

Space port
I started this demo when I determined that I pretty much blow at developing animation routines. I decided to take a different course and try something in the style of Phantasy Star Adventure or the slightly even more obscure Phantasy Star Text Adventures. Once I got rid of all those pesky moving objects the pace of development picked up nicely.

In this game you play as Evynn Thompson, a student in Camineet who stumbles into a small adventure. The story runs concurrent to events in the original Phantasy Star game. It begins shortly after Alis and company return from Naula cave and depart to see the governor.

Download (~1.3mb)

Built with Tiamat RPG Framework version 0.2 final (included in download).

Sprite Walker

Sprite Walker demo
It's a minor stretch to call this a "demo". It's a small program used to test sprite animation. It's also useful for testing how a sprite looks against various backgrounds. There are a few sample sprites included in the package.

Download (~315kb)

Built with Tiamat RPG Framework version 0.2 final (included in download).