I try the X-Files DVD games so you don't have to

This time around the title makes sense. This is based on the two part episode Dreamland. It starts with one email praising your efforts so far.

First email

Then it leads to a much less complimentary second email.

Second email

Like the episode this is named after, you have swapped bodies and need to figure out how to get things back to normal.

ID badge

In the same manner as the previous game you are given a choice - contact the Lone Gunmen or Agent Scully. I'll try both and, again, start with the first option.

First choice

This goes to an IRC-looking chat window.

IRC-looking chat window

It then leads to a trivia game that spans the series. I think this first question is only mentioned in the first episode of the show. Even then, I'm not sure. I just know the first option is most correct.

First trivia question

I had to find an episode transcript for this one.

Second trivia question

This is a trivia question in a previous game in this series.

Third trivia question

I couldn't find this one anywhere. It sends you back to the first question if you get any wrong so if you have the other three right you'll eventually get this.

Last trivia question

Then there's an explanation that you swapped bodies, something you already knew.


Now there's an email to you, well really to the person you swapped with.

Next email

This leads to a mini-game where you demonstrate the fusion thing from the episode.

Mini-game intro

This is a mini-game type you've played 100 times. If you select a tile it flips between fused/unfused and so do any tiles touching it (not diagonally thankfully). There is some variation of this in many games.

Tile flipping game

You have to play three rounds to continue.

You have to play three rounds to continue

There's one more email before heading home.

Email before going home

Then there's a game where you're home and have to respond to 4 video clips. You have to play through it a few times because the answers to things like your wife's name are in later clips.

Video clip game

After that it just kind of jumps to a game where you're flying around in, I don't know what, trying to collect purple orbs.

Collecting purple orbs

I collected 7 which is probably bad.

I collected 7 which is probably bad

Yeah, maybe I needed to collect more. I dunno. It's not explained well.

Game over

Much like the previous game, trying to go back to retry the other route crashes. Different error this time though.


Going back to the first choice.. let's try contacting Agent Scully.

Contacting Agent Scully

OK, that's an instant game over.

Instant game over

The credits screen looks the same as the last game.


Alright, I'm going to try another fresh playthrough. Eventually I got to a puzzle where you have to crack a safe code. The answer is apparently hidden somewhere in the previous video clips.

Safe cracking

However, just trying anything causes the game to crash.

Another error

This was not a bad idea for a X-Files game. I think the basic premise is fine but the execution is buggy.