I try the X-Files DVD games so you don't have to

Like the previous two installments, the season 7 game is centered around a single episode. If I were to rank the season 7 episodes, First Person Shooter would be in about the middle. However, it's the most obvious episode for a video game tie-in.

When the game starts it opens the Printers control panel. I am not making this up. I'm sure they intended something else to happen and maybe didn't test it on every version of Windows in support at the time. In the developers' defense, in 2000-2004 there were a comical number of Windows versions floating around.

Printers control panel

Like the previous games, this starts with an email explaining your assignment.

First email

The registration page now has a weird limit on the state name field.

Registration page

Then there's a tip-off from the Lone Gunmen.

Tip-off from the Lone Gunmen

This leads to a trivia round. There's a script error right away but it still works if you click "Yes".

Script error

It's again helpful to find the transcript for this episode.

First trivia question

Um.. I don't think any of these are right. I'll just pick one.

Second trivia question

The third trivia question can also be found in the episode transcript.

Third trivia question

Yes, that's the complete question.

Buggy final question

Alright, wrong answers I guess.

Wrong answer

OK, so it turns out the first answer is "'me' meaning 'you'".

First question again

Now an email from the Lone Gunmen.

Email from the Lone Gunmen

A little more dialog before the next mini-game.

A little more dialog

This is a simpler version of the game in the 6th installment. There are only 3 sliders this time. It's still confusing to figure out what they want. There were many times I thought the picture was good enough.

Slider game

This is the solution.

Solution to the slider game

Now we get to the main event. It's an actual first person shooter.


OK, so good effort but... this is not fun. It seems like an example from a book called "Build 3D games in Shockwave". I didn't check if that is a real book but I'm positive it is. The controls on this are nauseating. Unless you keep the mouse perfectly still the screen is flying around constantly. You have to move the mouse to aim though so it's impossible. I think look and aim needed to be different controls. They'd be better off building a Doom .wad and assuming everyone had it installed.

The first person shooter

I did not last long. I took about 3 enemies with me along the way.

Game over

This is the same ad as the last game.

Credits and ad

This has the fewest things to do of any game in this series but one of those things was high effort so it balances out. I don't want to bash it because it was a lot of effort for an effectively free game.