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Trophy Room 2023

Sorry but I need to first answer the one FAQ that keeps coming up for this section: These are not items I am selling. If there is anything on here I decided not to keep it's already been sold or traded by the time you're contacting me.

I started this section in 2006 which is practically a lifetime ago. I currently have a kid in high school who didn't even exist then for example. Much less important is how the retro video game market changed since then. 17 years ago you could stumble across NES and Super Nintendo games for 25¢. When I look back at that page I almost don't believe it myself.

Today a whole lot of people view retro games as an investment. The first Gen-Xers will reach the current US life expectancy age in mid-April 2042. It would be a good idea to sell before then if you are one of these types. I still view video games as a thing to buy because you intend to play them someday. I'm not always great about that but I try.

This section is no longer about great deals that I'm finding. I'm not actively hunting but still pull over for a garage/estate sale sign. Maybe I'll get lucky once or twice this year. I'm also amused by some of the prices and other gaming trends out there so I'll post things like that too.

Let's check in with Half Price Books again

Let's check in with Half Price Books again

Last year I started this section with a visit to Half Price Books. They used to have good deals, now... Yeah, that is an extremely beat-up copy of the Empire Deluxe hint book for $79.99. Is it rare? Maybe. Does GameFAQs still exist? [checks] Yes. Also, loose Gamecube memory card for $19.99.

Paper Mario for $275

It's Paper Mario for $275!! This is a game I bought in the early 2000s when Toys 'R Us cleared out their Nintnedo 64 inventory. I did not buy the only copy they had and there were over 700 other locations at the time. That's a long way of saying this is not a rare game and a whole lot of people got it cheap roughly 20-22 years ago. I bet someone will buy this copy too, that's so awful.

Some old programming books

Some books for my latest hobby

If you follow this site you've noticed that I kinda got into 68k assembly programming recently. I don't know if I'll upgrade to x86 assembly but it's possible. It's likely enough that when I spotted these books for $1 each at an estate sale I had to nab them.


The real reason I bought these was for the disks. They were never opened. The books look mostly unused anyway. I suspect assembly was too difficult for them. Maybe that's why they switched to BASIC. It's really very simple though, it requires patience more than brain power.

I don't think many people visit this section. Based on random feedback it's mostly people who re-post pictures of my old finds as things they claim to have found yesterday. Good for them. As for everyone else, I doubt they came here looking for sample assembly code. At most, one person. So here you go you freak, images of these two disks:

Reminder that these are disk images potentially containing executable code being downloaded from a total rando's personal site. That total rando is not responsible for any harm caused by them.

The last update was in spring 2023 - just the very start of garage sale season. Who knows what the next few months will bring.