The Complete Guide to Phantasy Star III


Original Game Credits

Animated credits
Written and Directed by: S2 (Hirondo Saiki, Saiki-shi)

Co-writer, Co-director: Yang Watt

Art Director: L-R-Valley

Chief Character Designer: Toyo Ozaki

Chief Scroll Designer: Roger Arm

Music Composer: Ippo (I. Takeuchi, Izuho Takeuchi)

Chief Programmer: Sweeper

Special Effect: F.G.C.

Assistant Programmer: Will Cane

Assistant Director: Tsugu

Assistant Director: Bros 400

Produced and Programmed by: Tsukapon

Special Thanks: Ossale Kohta, Phenix Rie, Yoshibon, Com Blue, Muuuu Yuji, Mad Hatter, Minoge, Kyz, Moritan, Papa, Kymura, L.C., and Chiemushi

Other Games by PSIII Team Members

S2 (Hirondo Saiki, Saiki-shi, Hiroto Saeki) Toyo Ozaki (Toyonaka Ozaki) Yang Watt Ippo (I. Takeuchi, Izuho Takeuchi) Will Cane Tsugu Bros 400