The Complete Guide to Phantasy Star III

Fan Games

Phantasy Star III - Nial Edition

A ROM hack featuring:
-More depth added to script
-Equipment renamed to match other Phantasy Star games
-Double experience points and meseta
-Bosses more challenging
-Alternate shop inventory

.ips file

If you're interested in ROM hacks there are many more here:

Phantasy Star III2K

Phantasy Star III2K, By Lysander86
A great (and complete) fan game implemented in RPG Maker.


Age of the Neo Palm

Phantasy Star: Age Of The Neo Palm (First demo), By DaveGeorge
*note* This is a demo and may contain a whole bunch of bugs...
Send your comments, report bugs, or just say hi! to:

Known bugs
  • The Ryuka/telepipes won't work
  • The Hinas/escapipes won't work
  • It says AW1284 in the intro... should be AW1286
  • You can go to medusa's tower in the beginning
  • When you play the piano in Iova village the music stops.
Age of the Neo Palm (First Demo), 2.39 MB
RPG Maker runtime, 11.4 MB