The Complete Guide to Phantasy Star III

Walkthrough: Aron


Start of Aron's quest

Aron's quest begins on Dahlia. A ship like the Alisa III was seen approaching, only to be attacked by someone on board the Alisa III. Lune sends Aron and Kara to find the source of this attack. They also suggest asking Laya for help as she has returned to her palace in Aridia. Before finding Laya, enter the dungeon to find the Aero Parts for Wren, they will make travel much easier.

Travel to Aridia

Airport next to Aerone

After landing back on Aerone, leave the town and walk to the nearby airport. Wren will transform into an Aerojet. Fly east and use Laya's palace to travel to Aridia.


Aron at the whirlpool

Enter the whirlpool and talk to Laya. She will join the group, although she's lost all her power from her previous quest.

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