The Complete Guide to Phantasy Star III

Walkthrough: Rhys

Wedding Day
The game begins with Prince Rhys standing in the center of Landen Town. Today he is supposed to marry Maia, a woman with a mysterious past. Enter Landen Castle and speak with Maia to begin the wedding.

In the middle of the wedding a dragon flies in and proclaims "Filthy Orakians! Maia will not be yours!" then kidnaps Maia. Rhys tries to take the army to search for her but the King tells him to "Cool off in the dungeon for a while!". A pair of soldiers grab Rhys and toss him in the dungeon. Luckily, the jail cell has three treasure chests containing a monitor, 200 meseta, and a knife.

After opening the three treasure chests a young woman named Lena will sneak into the dungeon and free Rhys. Rhys will now be back in Landen town, use the money from the dungeon to buy armor and save the game in the inn. Talk to people in Landen town to learn that "A monster stole the Sapphire and flew south, toward the island. Some say it was a man...." Going south to will first lead to Yaata Town.

Yaata Town
In Yaata town there is an old man who owns a boat. However, he won't sail to the island without a Cyborg on board. One of the townspeople tells Rhys "Walk across the bridge to reach Ilan." Leave Yaata and head to Ilan to continue.

Ilan Town
The townspeople of Ilan have much information. One person "saw a dragon carry a woman toward the east. They entered a cave and never came out." and another "saw one of Laya's people at a lake by the northeastern forest. The woman never blinked!". The eastern cave is sealed and Rhys can not enter. Go to the northeastern forest, the woman standing there is Mieu. Talk to her and she will join the group. Return to Yaata town, the old man will now take Rhys to the island cave.

Island Cave
While sailing to the cavethe old man shows Rhys a "palacedown there in the muck? Our oldest legend says the evil Dark Force is trapped there by the sword of Orakio!" This palacewill be very important later in the game. Once arriving on the island enter the cave. All the way in the back of the caveis a man named Lyle. He will give Rhys the sapphire. Exit the caveonce Rhys has the sapphire and sail back.

Travel to a New World
With the sapphire in hand, Rhys can now enter the eastern cave in hopes of finding Maia. The cave is actually a passage to the world of Aquatica. Something is very wrong in Aquatica though, the land is completely frozen. The only town in sight is the village of Rysel

Rysel Town
Speaking to the townspeople of Rysel reveals two important clues, "Some people across the sea worship Laya" and "Orakio's fortresses once stood south of here. Legends mention a hidden gate near their ruins". Since the sea can not be crossed the only option is to go south and enter the passage.

Traveling through the passage leads to the desert world of Aridia. The only town is Hazatak which can be found at the top of the small river to the south. Use the monitor to guide Rhys and Mieu to the town of Hazatak.

Hazatak Town
In Hazatak Rhys will learn of a weather control system to the east, and cyborg who can repair it to the west. Rhys will also learn of "an old, crazy cyborg" wandering the desert. This cyborg is Miun, she can not help Rhys but will be needed later in the game. Head west to find the cyborg to repair the weather system.

Western Cave
In the western cave Rhys finds Wren a technical systems and combat specialist. Wren can use some of the most powerful weapons in the game. Take Wren east to the weather control system.

Weather Control System
Standing at the entrance to the weather control system is Lyle. He has the gem needed to repair the weather control system and will join the group. The weather control system is located on the first floor of the tower. Once Wren has restored the weather system leave the tower and return to the world of Aquatica.

Return to Rysel Town
One of the townspeople of Rysel is so grateful to Rhys for restoring the weather that he will allow Rhys to take his boat east. Sail east to arrive on an island that is home to the Orakian town of Agoe and the Layan town of Shusoran. Agoe is to the east and Shusoran is to the north.

Agoe is warring with the neighboring town of Shusoran. Rhys learns from a villager that "Laya's people have an army of vile monsters. We must fight them with cyborgs and machines, just as Orakio did 1,000 years ago." Rhys also hears "A young woman was taken into Shusoran's castle " and "Stories tell of monsters appearing in fountains-- especially the fountains of Shusoran!". Leave Agoe and proceed north to Shusoran town.

Shusoran Town
The town of Shusoran is not very friendly to Rhys. Just be thankful you're with Prince Lylebecause the guards in the city will not attack Rhys. Walk into a fountain to enter Shusoran dungeon which leads into Shusoran castle.

Shusoran Castle
While traveling through Shusoran castle Lyle will leave the group without explanation. In the throne room of the castle Lyle is standing in front of Lena. He challenges Rhys to a one-on-one fight.

Fight vs. Lyle
Since only Rhys can fight in this battle make sure he has a stash of dimate in his possession before the fight begins. Regardless of how powerful Lyle is in the game, in this fight he is not especially strong with only 78 hit points. His attacks will typically do 8-15 hit points of damage, and should be defeated in three or four rounds.

Shusoran Castle II
After the fight Lyle rejoins the group. Talk the Lena and she says "Return to Aridia and put my Moon Stone and Lyle's Moon Tear into the satellite control system. That will bring the moon back to its proper place and open a land bridge from the rear gate of this castle to where Maia is being held" then joins the group. Leave Shusoran castle and travel back to Aridia to the weather/satellite control tower.

Satellite Control System
The satellite control system is located on the second floor of the tower. Once Wren fixes the system the land bridge back on Aquatica will reform. Travel all the way back to Shusoran castle and take the northern exit leading to Cille.

Cille is also a Layan land, and the people don't care much for Rhys. Once again, the presence of Prince Lyle prevents then from attacking the party. Walk into the third fountain from the left to enter Cille's dungeon, which will lead to the castle. Inside the castle Rhys finds the King of Cille guarding Maia.

Fight vs. King of Cille
The King of Cille is guarded by six dryads. He also possesses the zan technique which can do serious damage to the party. Wren is the only one who can attack the King of Cille until the dryads are slain. The dryads should be killed off in two rounds. Once they are gone every character should attack the King of Cille except for using Mieu or Lyle to cast gires whenever the group is hurt. Since Mieu has a more powerful attack use Lyle unless the party is hurt badly and needs both to heal. Although the King has a strong attack he should be defeated in only a couple rounds. He only has 400 hit points so this should not be a difficult battle.

End of Rhys' Adventure
You must now choose between Maia and Lena. Wed Maia and you shall become king of Cille. Marry Lena and you shall be king of Landen and neighboring Satera.

Marry Maia and continue to Ayn's Quest
Marry Lena and continue to Nial's Quest