The Complete Guide to Phantasy Star III

Walkthrough: Sean


Start of Sean's quest

Something's happening on Alisa III.... our beautiful moon is being destroyed! Your mother and I cannot bear to leave our home. Take the shuttle and save yourself, my son. Journey to Landen, your grandfather's homeland. Wren grabs Sean and carries him to the shuttle. They make a crash landing on Aridia.


Sean in Aridia

Once landing on Aridia, travel northwest and take the passage to Landen.


Sean talking to Sari

A wave of monster attacks have hit Landen. The neighboring land of Satera is in ruins. Sari asks Sean to investigate the source of the attacks coming from a cave to southwest. Leave Landen and head southwest to this cave.

Southern Cave

Cave with passage to Elysium

No gem is needed to enter this cave. Follow the passage until it exits to the world of Elysium.


Sean in Elysium

Once exiting the cave walk south to the town of North Divisia.

North Divisia


North Divisia is a very small town and does not have much useful information. Walk south through the town to enter Divisia castle.

Divisia Castle

Divisia Castle

Take the staircase near the throne room to enter the dungeon.

Divisia Dungeon

Divisia dungeon

Walk through the dungeon to South Divisia.

South Divisia

South Divisia

In South Divisia one of the townspeople tells Sean there a search underway for Laya's Treasure in the world of Aridia. Another tells Sean that a cave to the west has some parts for Wren. Leave the town and head south and west to find this cave.

Rebel Cave

Rebel cave

In the center of the cave is a chest containing the Sub Parts for Wren. After getting them leave the cave and head for Aridia.

Travel to Aridia

Travel to Aridia

There's no quick route from the cave to Aridia, actually it's a very long trip. Leave the cave and travel back to South Divisia town, enter the castle and travel through the dungeon back to North Divisia. Leave North Divisia and travel north back to the cave leading to Landen. Once exiting this cave travel around the lake to the southeastern cave, it's just south of Ilan. The Twin's Ruby opens the seal on this cave. Take this passage to Aridia. Once arriving in Aridia go south to Hazatak.


Finding the whirlpool

The cyborgs of Hazatak tell Sean "Journey southeast to see an amazing whirlpool." This whirlpool is not visible on the map but can be found by walking along the river southeast of Hazatak.


Meeting Laya

The whirlpool leads to a small hidden world. The only thing in this world is one of Laya's Palaces. Enter it and there is a group of old men who reveal "We have protected Laya for over 1,000 years. Cryogenic sleep has kept her alive since the war. This princess is Laya's younger sister. Strangely enough, she is also named Laya! Laya entrusted the future to her sister." Walk to the top of the palace to awaken Laya. She tells Sean "I was very young when Laya fought Orakio. She left with a knight who wore a black sword. I must know the truth." Talk to the old men again and they suggest "Mystoke, on Frigidia, holds a key to truth. Return to the desert and go southwest with Laya. The portal to Mystoke awaits you there." Leave this hidden world and proceed to the southwestern cave.

Southwestern Cave

Southwestern cave in Aridia

Laya's Mystery Star opens this cave. Follow it to the world of Frigidia.



The town of Mystoke is a hefty walk from the cave and there are many tough battles along the way. The town of Mystoke is located towards the center of the world, use the monitor to guide the party there.



The townspeople have waited centuries for Laya's kin to reach Mystoke. One of the villagers suggests "Use the Laya Pendant to hear Laya's final words. Then journey to Aerone, south of Divisia." Enter the castle to search for Laya's Pendant, after going through a series of small rooms it can be found in the throne room. Using Laya's Pendant unlocks a message from Laya: "Sister, it is time for you to know the truth. Though Orakio and I have fought for many years, we finally realize that we have been deceived. An evil force from times beyond legend is using us to satisfy its desire for pain and suffering. We are joining forces to fight this ancient evil. In case we never return, I leave you the pendant; you will hear this when you are ready. Goodbye!" After all this it's time to leave Mystoke.

Travel to Elysium

Travel to Elysium

Laya's Pendant allows the party to travel via the many palaces found throughout the worlds. To reach Aerone, found in Elysium, leave Mystoke and travel northwest. The palace found in the northwest corner leads to Elysium. After traveling through this palace go north to reach Aerone.



In Aerone several townspeople tell Sean to head east to reach the moon Dahlia. Walk east along the bottom path to enter a small dungeon that contains a ship leading to Dahlia. There is no obvious entrance to this dungeon, just walk along the path in town. Enter the ship to travel to Dahlia.



Once arriving on Dahlia, speak to Lune, Alair, and Kara. Lune reveals "I once fought in Laya's army. Orakio banished me here almost 1,000 years ago. For centuries I bided my time in cryogenic sleep. I recently awoke and decided to take revenge. But I now regret the trouble I have caused." Alair continues the story with "I also have been frozen in a cryogenics pod for 1,000 years. When I woke up, I was kidnapped by Orakians. Of course, that made my brother more furious. Yes, we were the ones who destroyed Satera. But we're not behind the recent monster attacks. We hope you can forgive us for our past errors." Finally, Kara joins the group to help find the source of these monster attacks. One of guards informs Sean that Aero Parts for Wren can be found in the dungeon. Enter thedungeon and get the Aero Parts for Wren, they will make travel much easier.

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