The Complete Guide to Phantasy Star III

Walkthrough: Adan


Start of Adan's quest

An earthquake shakes the entire kingdom of Landen, the same earthquake that Gwyn sees in her nightmares. Nial fears the worst and orders Adan to seek the cause of this earthquake. Adan and Gwyn's quest begins in the throne room of Landen castle.


Talking to Nial

In Landen speak to Nial and Laya. They suggest paying Lune a visit. Leave the castle and travel to Dahlia.

Travel to Dahlia

Palace in Elysium

There's no convenient way to travel from Landen to Dahlia. Laya's Pendant makes it slightly easier though. One route is to first travel southwest to Elysium, walk through Divisia-Town and castle, and finally use the palace across from Aerone to cross the river. However, this route requires a long walk through Divisia dungeon. Another option is to leave Landen and first head southeast to Aridia, then walk southwest to Frigidia, then walk a short distance west to enter the palace leading to Elysium. From the southeast palace in Elysium it is only a short walk to Aerone. Either way, once reaching Aerone take the shuttle to Dahlia.


Adan talking to Lune

On Dahlia speak to Lune, Alair, and Kara. Kara will take Lune's Slicer from her father and join the group. Enter the dungeon and find the Aero Parts for Wren. These make travel much easier.

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