The Complete Guide to Phantasy Star III



Phantasy Star III has influenced a number of RPGs and made a couple of guest appearances. Here are a few Phantasy Star III sightings.. no matter how insignificant.

Phantasy Star IV (1994)

Rika explains..
In PSIV Chaz and company explore the crash site of one of the ships that fled Parma*. In these ruins they learn the sad fate of the fleeing ships, and briefly ponder if any are still searching for a home.

PSIV was always called sequel to PSII. PSIII actually occurs after or during PSIV*. PSIII's only mention in PSIV is this brief dialog.

On the plus side, there appears to be descent chance that PSV (aka PS Online) may run concurrently to PSIII. It's too early to tell because only general plot details have been released.

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Record of Agarest War for PlayStation 3 (2007)

My very, very high level understanding is this game has a generation system similar to Phantasy Star III.

Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask (2000)

Moon Tear
The first time I played Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask I found this little coincidence..

One of the first items Link finds is the Moon Tear, a priceless gem that falls from the crashing moon. I wont give any spoilers and say what it's used for, but it's safe to say it's not used to bring the moon closer :)

Plus the whole game takes place in the land of "Termina".. but that name probably has more to do with the uncertain fate of the land.

OK, I don't have a screen capture card so I had to borrow this screenshot from

Sorcerer's Kingdom (1992)

Coincidence or rip-off? Probably coincidence.
I admit, this one is kind of stretch but bear with me..

In the Sega Genesis game Sorcerer's Kingdom your hometown is the city of Landale. In Phantasy Star III, Rhys hometown is Landen, presumably named for the hero of PSI Alis Landale*. Maybe my eyesight is getting worse but this map bears an odd resemblance to the top half on Landen to me.

Coincidence or rip-off? Probably coincidence.

Mortal Kombat III (1995)

If you thought the last sighting was a stretch.. In Mortal Kombat III the Cyrax character has a rather unhappy ending. He ends up malfunctioning and endlessly roaming the desert while awaiting new orders from his master. His fate mirrors that of Miun in PSIII. Not a direct PSIII sighting, just a game that shares a similar storyline.

SimCity 2000 (1993)

The ultimate achievement in SimCity 2000 is the construction of a Launch Arcology that leaves Earth to find new planets to colonize.