The Complete Guide to Phantasy Star III


All Phantasy Star III music is originally composed by Ippo

Generations of Fate, by Nekoprism
Journey on Alisa 3, by Nekoprism
Title Screen, by Missagh Alami

MP3 submissions are welcome only if they do not appear on a commercial soundtrack or game. In other words: if you composed it yourself I'd love to post it, otherwise don't bother submitting it.

Cave, Sequenced by Larry McCormick
Introduction (PS4 Remix), Sequenced by Evan Michaels
Opening Credits, Sequenced by MIDIeval
Opening Credits, Sequenced by Timothy Peters
Royal Waltz, Sequenced by Timothy Peters
Royal Waltz, Sequenced by Shawn Tonkin
Secret World, Sequenced by Shawn Tonkin
Town, Sequenced by Larry McCormick
Town (Enhanced) (GM/GS Version), Sequenced by Shawn Tonkin

GYM Soundtrack (513 kb), ripped by Daniel Kalabakov

YMAMP, GYM plugin for Winamp