The Complete Guide to Phantasy Star III

Rhys vs Dark Force

Prep Work

1) Start a new game
2) Once you can control Rhys save the game (F5 in Genecyst) and quit

Open the save game in your favorite hex editor. Set the values at E144 and E15A to FF. This will let Rhys use the aero parts and Laya's Pendant even though they're not in his inventory.

Set the values at E144 and E15A to FF


Start of the adventure
Alright usual stuff here. Go upstairs to marry Maia. Escape the dungeon and so on..

Southwest Landen

Southwest Landen
When you leave Landen head east to the airstrip. Wren will transform even though he's not in your party. Fly down to the southwest and enter the palace.

Laya's Pendant

Use Laya's Pendant
Laya's Pendant will work. Head on through to Elysium.


Rhys in Elysium
Hop over to the nearest airstrip.

Rebel Cave

Near the rebel cave
Fly over to the rebel cave.

Sub Parts

Rhys gets the sub parts
You'll have the dialog with Ryan and Lune. Mieu will join the party. Go grab the sub parts when that's all done.


Travel back to Aridia and enter the whirlpool.


Lyle as Laya
Go meet Laya, who looks like Lyle, but Wren actually joins the group. Zany.

Off to Frigidia

Southwest Aridia
Run down to the southwest palace and travel to Frigidia.


Fridigia airstrip
Go to the nearest airstrip.


Rhys in Skyhaven
Talk to the dudes in Skyhaven and head down to the dungeon.

Aero Parts

Rhys finds the aqua parts
Get the aero parts and trek back to Landen.

Orakio's Sword

Rhys gets Orakio's Sword
Go get Orakio's Sword, unleashing evil and such.


Rhys and Miun
After getting the sword Miun will be waiting in the desert. Go talk to her and..


So close! Apparently there are more events that need to be set for this to work. When they're found I will post the results here.. I think it should be possible to have Rhys fight Dark Force if the right events are found.