The Complete Guide to Phantasy Star III

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Introduction 1A33E-1A551

The legends of the past shape our lives and those of our children.
One such legend is of a struggle that almost destroyed our world.
The names of Orakio and Laya echo down through the years, still inspir-ing love and hatred even now, 1,000 years after their tragic deaths.
Their conflict wiped out civilization and left the survivors in a world of mutated creatures and warring pockets of men.
Into this shattered world you are thrust, to live or die by your sword and your wits

Game Dialog 25F0E-31134

Nothing unusual here.
The legends of Landen, your homeland, tell of world-sweeping wars fought 1,000 years ago. Brave Orakio sought to foil the evil schemes of the dark witch Laya and her hordes of monsters. In the final battle, all combatants were killed, though Orakio and Laya's bodies were never found. The passageways between the Layan worlds and the Orakian worlds were sealed. In time, people forgot there were other worlds besides Landen. Two months ago, a young woman washed up on the shores of Landen. The woman remembered nothing of her life prior to waking up on the beach. This seemingly minor event sets an epic adventure in motion....
A great day for a wedding, Prince Rhys!
May Orakio's power protect you from Laya.
Layans should not marry despicable Orakians!
The people of Cille are insulted that you want the hand of Maia, our fair princess!
Luckily for you, Laya's Law forbids killing. "Kill no living thing," was Laya's last message.
Please stay on the other side of the counter.
Maia awaits in the castle, Prince Rhys.
You may not pass!
Your doom awaits, Orakians!
I, Rhys, do take thee, Maia, to be my.... Filthy Orakians! Maia will not be yours! No! Return her, you foul dragon-spawn of Laya! I'll find Maia if I have to search forever! RHYS "I'll take the army to destroy Laya's clan!" KING "Don't be a fool! No one has seen a Layan for over 1,000 years! Starting a war is not a rational thing to do. Cool off in the dungeon for a while!" You can't stop me from going after her, father! I'll find her again, and I'll bring her back!I swear it!
I'm Lena. I'll help you escape. Follow me. Arm yourself well and go find Maia!
I'm the king of Cille. I'll show you how we handle Orakian spies in my country!
I yield to you, Rhys! You are mighty indeed. Perhaps Lyle, my nephew, was right about you. You must now choose between Maia and Lena. Wed Maia and you shall become king of Cille. Marry Lena and you shall be king of Landen and neighboring Satera. Rhys, what are we going to do with you?
OLD MAN "See the palace down there in the muck? Our oldest legend says the evil Dark Force is trapped there by the sword of Orakio!
MIEU "No, I'm not one of Laya's people, Prince. I am a combat cyborg, designation Mieu type. I have been waiting for 1,000 years for you. Only a descendant of Orakio can command me." Mieu joins your party.
LYLE "Hi! I'm Lyle. Yes, I do have the Sapphire. I don't really need it, so you're welcome to it. I'd like to join you on your adventures, but I have other things to do now. See you around!"
LYLE "Remember me, Rhys? Lyle, with the Sapphire? I need your help to thaw out my whole world. People are dying from cold and starvation! Farther in here are the weather system controls. Your Wren cyborg can fix it up in no time at all. In return, I'll join your party to help out." Lyle joins your party.
MIUN "Orakio? No, you don't have his sword. Why has Orakio kept me waiting for so long?"
WREN "I'm a Wren-type cyborg, programmed to serve you. I'm a technical systems and combat specialist." Wren joins your party.
Now it's time to see you really fight, Rhys!
You're a lot tougher than I thought, Rhys. Someone wants to speak with you, by the way.
RHYS "It's her! How did she get here?" LYLE "I found her." RHYS "Please help me take her away, Lyle!" LYLE "If you want her back, fight for her!"
LYLE "I have to leave you now, Prince Rhys. I'll explain why later, if things work out."
LENA "You've come a long way since we last met. Before we get Maia, we must backtrack a bit. Return to Aridia and put my Moon Stone and Lyle's Moon Tear into the sat- ellite control system. That will bring the moon back to its proper place and open a land bridge from the rear gate of this castle to where Maia is being held. Let's go rescue Maia!" 
Congratulations, Prince Rhys! We wish you well. 
I am honored that you want to marry me, Rhys. Perhaps someday we will find out where I'm from and who I am!
May Orakio bless this happy couple!
Three cheers for the happy couple.
Your monitor is a handy device. Use it to find out where you are in the world. 
Maia seems very nice, but who really knows?
Trust in Orakio! He can protect you from Layans.
To the south lies Yaata, a port city.
Maia will be a fine queen for you!
Machines used to fly out of the ruins near here.
Beware, Prince Rhys! Layan spies lurk about.
The Sapphire lets you enter the eastern cave.
It's about time you got married, Prince Rhys!
Arm yourself well, for your foes are deadly!
Maia is a mystery to everyone in Landen.
Have you found the princess yet, Prince?
No time to chat, Prince. I really need a nap.
May Orakio protect you from Laya!
I hear that Laya's monsters are everywhere!
Congratulations, Prince! You're a lucky guy!
A monster stole the Sapphire and flew south, toward the island. Some say it was a man....
May Orakio watch over and guide you, Prince.
Remember Orakio's Law: "Kill no living thing!"
Danger is everywhere, Prince Rhys!
Make them pay for this, Prince!
Are you staying long, Prince Rhys?
The royal family is in mourning.
When the prince leaves his castle, the moons will drift closer again. Worlds shall burn if the prince's will falters. The prince's offspring will wander afar, until the end of the worlds or the rejection of evil.
May Orakio protect our blessed town of Yaata!
The man by the fountain owns a boat, but he will not sail unless he has a cyborg on board.
I am a superstitious old man, good Prince Rhys. Cyborgs are good luck charms, if you ask me.
Welcome aboard! There's someone holed up in the cave on the island. I hear he stole a gem.
Orakio destroyed Laya's army 1,000 years ago.
Laya's people have very strange powers, I hear.
I think Laya's people all died long ago.
They say Layans can create monsters.
Ages ago, people could fly, or so the old tales would have us believe. I doubt they really did.
Walk across the bridge to reach Ilan.
Welcome to our town of Ilan, traveler!
The old man won't let me on his boat unless I have a cyborg. Now where can I find a cyborg?
I saw a dragon carry a woman toward the east. They entered a cave and never came out.
I saw one of Laya's people at a lake by the northeastern forest. The woman never blinked!
You sure look like an evil Layan to me.
Orakio destroyed Laya 1,000 years ago.
She looks mighty odd to me, I'll tell you.
This is Rysel, stranger, a small fishing village.
We minstrels know much of the ancient legends. My favorite is one that tells of our people fleeing a terribly evil thing called Dark Force! The legend says we are the last survivors of a race that sailed between the stars.
Orakio's fortresses once stood south of here. Legends mention a hidden gate near their ruins.
We're all suffering from hunger and severe cold.
Some people across the sea worship Laya.
The deadly winter came upon us without warning. We can't fish in a sea of ice--we're starving! Please help us before we all die!
You saved us! Feel free to use my ship, heroes!
I'm too young to die!
Please help us, heroes!
A tower in Aridia holds the answer, so I'm told.
I saw a monster and a woman fly to the east.
The cyborgs of Hazatak rarely get human guests.
Find Wren, then go east to fix the weather.
Long ago, Orakio took the Moon Stone and the Moon Tear from the satellite system device. Once this was done, our two moons drifted apart. The control panel is on the second floor of the weather control tower.
Sounds like the weather control needs adjusting.
Long ago, two moons orbited our world.
The one you seek abides in a western cave.
Return the stones to the satellite system and the wandering moon will grace our sky once more.
An old, crazy cyborg wanders the desert.
A young woman was taken into Shusoran's castle.
Stories tell of monsters appearing in fountains-- especially the fountains of Shusoran!
Our land, Agoe, battles Shusoran, Laya's land.
Laya's people have an army of vile monsters. We must fight them with cyborgs and machines, just as Orakio did 1,000 years ago.
The worst part is that Layans look like us!
My people are not strong enough to beat Shusoran.
If the Layans attack, we'll be wiped out!
Shusoran seems peaceful, but evil lurks within!
No matter how hard we try... Laya's folk beat us.
Shusoran's castle is now heavily fortified.
You can never tell what Lyle will do next!
Legends say that the Moon Stone and Moon Tear belong in a tower deep within Aridia.
There's never a guard near when you need one.
Prince Lyle, welcome home to Shusoran!
I hear that Orakio's people eat Layans!
Let's wipe out those filthy Orakians!
Ages ago, a sand bar connected our island to that of Cille, to the north, at low tides. The sand bar won't form unless the moon returns.
Just be thankful you're with Prince Lyle, spies!
Orakians in Shusoran? Guards! Help
Watch your step, Orakio- lovers!
Return the Moon Stone to us, Orakian spies!
This is the weather control system!
Wren fixed the weather control system! LYLE "I owe you more than I can ever repay. Please come with me to see my beautiful land. We can go by ship from the village of Rysel."
This is the satellite control system!
As the Moon Stone and the Moon Tear are placed in the panel, Dahlia, the purple moon, moves. WREN "Pretty soon we'll be able to cross the sea north of Shusoran, to reach Cille's island."
The cave is blocked. You can't get in.
Prince Rhys, Maia is waiting in your room.
Hurry! Don't be late for your own wedding!
You're one lucky Prince! Please escort your bride to the throne room.
<character> found a <item> inside.
No one in your party can carry any more items.
<character> found <number> meseta inside.
<character> found <item>.
The <gem> glows and you are inside!
A thunderous voice booms out: Only Layans belong in Laya's palace! Begone!
Laya's Pendant glows and darkness envelops you.
RHYS "I renounce my claim to Landen's throne and choose to become your husband, Maia." MAIA "And I shall be your wife and queen. Together we will rule the fair land of Cille."
After many adventures, Rhys at last found Maia. Rhys became king of the peaceful land of Cille. Maia gave birth to a son and they named him Ayn. This is the story of Prince Ayn of Cille. After 15 years of peace, war once again came....Hail, King Rhys, Queen Maia, and Prince Ayn! Cyborgs are attacking our lands! The vile cyborgs have beaten all our monsters! My lord, King Lyle of Shusoran begs for help! RHYS "Ayn, I was afraid war would come again. Now you must venture forth on a vital quest. Legends of Satellite say it is a place of peace. I think we'll need a sanctuary very soon. Take Mieu and Wren and find this Satellite. Hurry back! I don't know how long we have."
THEA "Thank Laya you're here. Let's get out now! I have the Twins' Ruby; it should come in handy. Please take me to my father right away!"
Thea joins your party.
SARI "I'm Sari, Lena's daughter and ruler of the country of Landen. I have the Power Topaz, but you won't get it without a fight!"
SARI "OK, I'll let you use the Power Topaz, but you have to let me come along to guard it!"
Sari joins your party.
Climb onto my back. I'll take you over to Techna.
LYLE "At last I can tell you my long-held secret. I have the power to change into a dragon. Yes, it was I who stole Maia so very long ago! Please don't tell Rhys. Guard Thea well, Ayn!" Lyle bid farewell to Thea and then he died.
You are the first of your people to visit us. The Power Topaz proves your courage and worth. You have earned the right to know the truth! It is time for you to see your true world!
A voice speaks: "Know your true world at last! It is a giant spaceship built by our ancestors!" "We now approach the craft called Satellite." "As you see, it is also an ancient spaceship."
SIREN "So, you've found me after all, rabble! Seems that a few rats escaped my cyborg army. I once served Orakio, but Laya forced me here. Then she somehow moved this satellite far away. I've waited 1,000 years for my revenge!"
SIREN "You have won but a single battle, Ayn. The war is not over yet. I will return one day!" Siren disappears!
Thus did Prince Ayn fulfill his destiny. Rejoicing, his people moved to the satellite. King Rhys decreed that Ayn should marry soon. Two women made known their interest in him.
After a long journey of trials and hardships, Ayn chose a bride and settled down to enjoy the peace that he had brought to his people.
RHYS "Though I sought Maia, I choose you." LENA "Let's return home to Landen and Satera." 
Rhys and Lena wed, thus uniting their homelands. Soon, a son, Nial, was born to Rhys and Lena. Peace settled over the land as Nial grew up. When Nial was 18, evil once again stirred....A messenger from Satera, King Rhys! Queen Lena, monsters have invaded Satera! Your father has died in battle. Please help us! RHYS "Your mother's land is being overrun, Nial. Journey westward and see who is invading Satera. Take Wren and Mieu, but be careful!"
ALAIR "Thank you for freeing me, Prince Nial. My brother Lune needs to be stopped--he's crazy! I guess 1,000 years of exile has warped him. All he wants is to kill Orakians and cyborgs! I'm going back to try to convince him to stop."
RYAN "I'm Ryan, the leader of these rebels. I know that you rescued Lune's sister Alair. Lune must have sent you three to infiltrate us!" LUNE "My, my, bickering amongst ourselves, eh?" RYAN "Lune! How did you get here, you demon?" LUNE "That's Emperor Demon to you, worm! Abandon your revolt or you will all die!" RYAN "Sorry, Nial. I'll join you to get Lune. I have some parts for your Wren in a chest." Ryan joins your party.
WREN "Let's see where this passage goes!" This is a world within the world of Aridia.
NIAL "That's what our world really looks like? It's a spaceship! But who built it?"
WREN "We're approaching the Satellite." LAYA "Satellite is just another spaceship!"
LUNE "You Orakians have invaded my domain! Orakio banished us here almost 1,000 years ago. Cryogenics has kept me alive for centuries, waiting for revenge. Now my revenge is at hand!"
LUNE "I'm surprised that you don't just kill me. Laya's Pendant! You must be Laya's little sister! I have no wish to fight you. The war is ended! I'll recall my armies; at last I am at peace!" Nial's quest has ended. The threat from Lune's monster armies is over. LUNE "Nial, thank you for rescuing my sister. I have been told that you have a tough choice. Both Alair and Laya wish to marry you!"
You cannot enter. Lune forbids it!
Ayn asked Thea to be his wife and she accepted. Lyle and Rhys gave their blessings as well. Ayn and Thea began their new life on far Azura. Their rule brought peace and prosperity to all. In time, Queen Thea gave birth to a son, Sean. When he reached manhood, evil arose once more; Sean was called upon to fight for his people....
AYN "I choose you, Sari, as my one true love." SARI "I accept, but no more quests for you!" Thus Ayn became king of the nation of Landen. Sari soon gave birth to a son, Prince Crys. Enemies beset Landen for the next 20 years, but Ayn and Sari defended their land without fail. Then came the news that they had long dreaded...
NIAL "At last our people are joined together!" LAYA "Our marriage will bring peace to all." Nial and Laya's marriage ended the years of war and hatred between the Orakians and the Layans. Laya had twins, Adan, a boy, and Gwyn, a girl. The next 16 years were peaceful and prosperous. But Gwyn began to have dreadful nightmares. Every night she dreamt of falling into a dark hole, a pit from which there was no escape.
NIAL "Will you marry me, Alair?" ALAIR "I was starting to think you'd never ask!" Lune declared Nial to be king of the moon Dahlia. The war ended and peace settled over Alisa III. Alair and Nial soon had a son they named Aron; Lune married and had a daughter he named Kara. Aron and Kara grew as peace reigned over all. As the children neared the age of 18, however, the long years of peace came to a sudden end....
King Ayn! Something's happening on Alisa III! AYN "Sean, our beautiful moon is being destroyed! Your mother and I cannot bear to leave our home. Take the shuttle and save yourself, my son. Journey to Landen, your grandfather's homeland." THEA "I'm staying with Ayn, but you must go. Mieu and Wren will go with you. Farewell!" 
MIEU "We're lucky to be alive after that crash! We must try to make it to Landen, Sean." 
WREN "Sean, hurry! You must escape!"
LAYA "I was very young when Laya fought Orakio. She left with a knight who wore a black sword. I must know the truth. Please take me along!" Laya joins your party.
LAYA "When your father decided to marry Alair, I left the Laya Pendant and came here to sleep. After 18 years of rest, I yearn for adventure!" Laya joins your party.
King Ayn! A messenger from Azura is here! I fear that I bring very grim news, your majesty. Siren has returned to exact his vengeance! Siren plans to propel our world into the sun! AYN "When we were young, your mother and I were shown that our world is really a huge spaceship. Somewhere there must be someone who can aid you. Find help or we're all doomed to fiery death!"
GWYN "That earthquake! It is often in my dream. I feel vibrations as I fall into the black pit. I have the feeling that great evil is stirring!"
Nial! Alair! Lune! Look out the window! Another spaceship just like ours! Why are the ships firing at each other?
KARA "You're not going anywhere without me!" Kara joins your party.
A voice rings out for all of you to hear: "Sister, it is time for you to know the truth. Though Orakio and I have fought for many years, we finally realize that we have been deceived. An evil force from times beyond legend is using us to satisfy its desire for pain and suffering. We are joining forces to fight this ancient evil. In case we never return, I leave you the pendant; you will hear this when you are ready. Goodbye!"
We have protected Laya for over 1,000 years. Cryogenic sleep has kept her alive since the war.
This princess is Laya's younger sister. Strangely enough, she is also named Laya!
Laya entrusted the future to her sister.
Mystoke, on Frigidia, holds a key to truth. Return to the desert and go southwest with Laya. The portal to Mystoke awaits you there.
Nial, you must strike a blow to save us all!
The people of Landen welcome you, Sean.
We eagerly await your return, Crys.
Hurry back to us, Adan and Gwyn.
Aron,welcome to Landen.
Who would want to destroy Azura?
Lune, Laya's general, has reappeared after 1,000 years. He's the worst news yet!
Lune may know something about the earthquake.
What in the world could that have been?
The Twins' Ruby is the key to another world that lies beyond a cave far to the south.
As long as you're here, Landen will be safe!
I hear that some cyborgs have turned against us!
I hear that some cyborgs have turned against us!
What could have caused an earthquake like that?
If Ayn had married Sari, we might have won.
How can we survive against Lune's army?
Something shook our Alisa mighty hard.
Is it true that we were attacked by a spaceship?
Sari protected us from Lune's monstrous army. Lune was once Laya's most trusted general. But Orakio banished Lune to the far moon, Dahlia. No one knows how Lune survived for so long.
Lune is approaching from far to the west.
I only hope that we're not at war again.
Someone on Alisa attacked that spaceship!
Lune is coming! Run for your lives! Aieeeee!
We can beat Lune as long as we have Ayn and Sari!
We'll be safe as long as Nial and Laya are here.
It's a dangerous world, Aron; watch your back!
Lune's monsters first appeared near our city.
Could this truly be the Lune of ancient legends?
Lune used to be Laya's right-hand man!
Welcome to the bustling port city of Yaata.
Cyborgs are attacking Orakians! What gives?
Someone's directing the monsters and cyborgs! No Orakian or Layan can do that!
Nial, please defend Ilan from Lune!
It's not possible! He'd be over 1,000 years old!
I though Lune died many centuries ago.
Welcome to the island village of Ilan.
Nothing makes sense--the world has gone crazy! Cyborgs battle Orakians; monsters fight Layans!
A messenger arrived from your people, Prince. They're under attack and need you desperately!
Rysel village still honors your father.
Satellite? It's nothing more than a tall tale.
Your grandfather once saved the folk of Rysel.
Laya's lands across the sea are now gone.
Human visitors are rare in the town of Hazatak.
The Power Topaz belongs to Lena's daughter. Gossip has it that she now lives in Landen.
Southeast of town is a mysterious whirlpool.
Journey southeast to see an amazing whirlpool.
An old cyborg roams the desert north of here.
You can reach Satellite from the eastern world. But you need the Power Topaz first.
If you have Wren's sub parts, you can enter the whirlpool south of town. Who knows what's there?
To explore the whirlpool southeast of Hazatak, first find the sub parts for your Wren cyborg.
Those foolish humans are still fighting! Why?
Your family and friends fled far to the west. They have the Twins' Ruby, the key to Landen.
We won't fight and you can't make us!
We leave the fighting to you foolish humans!
Welcome to Agoe. No one knows who leads the cyborg armies.
Neither Rhys nor Lyle can protect their lands.
The people of Cille and Shusoran fled.
Agoe, the land of swordsmen, is peaceful.
Cille and Shusoran were once beautiful places.
Long ago, I met a one- eyed knight named Lyle.
Shusoran will be fine as long as Lyle, the dragon-knight, is our lord and ruler.
Our fate is in your hands, Prince Ayn.
Who is creating these marauding cyborgs?
What has happened to the lovely land of Cille?
I wonder if Lyle's kingdom has already fallen into the hands of our enemies.
Find Satellite and save us all, Prince Ayn!
Satellite is a place of peace, or so I hear.
The cyborgs were too powerful to be resisted. Everyone fled to Aridia, but I refuse to leave!
Welcome to Techna, the Castle of Power.
The castle dungeon can take you to Satellite. Beware--only in tales is it a place of peace!
The cyborgs have taken over our castle.
We Orakians sympathize with your plight.
This plague of cyborgs comes from Satellite!
Don't you know, Prince? Satellite is Azura!
The Castle of Power is a good name for Techna.
Beneath this world-dome is our ship's engine! We're the descendants of the ship's technicians.
The descendants of the spaceship's pilots live on the other side of this spaceship.
Why don't you rest a bit in this city of Lashute?
Your death awaits you in this city of Lashute!
Orakio's twin brother Rulakir is king here.
We wanted Siren and Lune to start another war, but we needed Rhys to bring Satellite back. And that's exactly what that old fool did!
Hatred keeps Rulakir alive after 1,000 years!
Centuries ago, Laya locked the passageways between the domed worlds of our ship, Alisa. But your father and grandfather opened them up again, enabling us to spread evil once more!
Rulakir lost his family in the wars long ago.
Dark Force brings your doom, fools!
Rulakir dreams of a peaceful world.
You fools have done everything we wanted!
Waves of blackness wash over you.
At last! We have waited centuries for Laya's kin to reach Mystoke, the Castle of Silence.
Hurry! Enter the castle of Mystoke!
You will be tested within the castle gates. If you pass the tests, Laya's Pendant is yours. All the doors to her palace will open to you.
Much will be revealed within Mystoke Castle!
Use the Laya Pendant to hear Laya's final words. Then journey to Aerone, south of Divisia.
The people of New Mota keep our past alive.
The others here can tell you much about our past.
Welcome to Endora!
To reach Techna, go down Cape Dragon Spine, then cross over the sea. The Engineers live there.
In the castle of Lensol, far to the southwest, a princess is held against her will.
Techna is also known as the Castle of Power.
I tried to rescue the princess a while ago. That place is infested with powerful monsters. I opened the castle gate but I couldn't get in. Please rescue her before it's too late.
You're a better man than I, Prince Ayn.
This is the village of Endora. Welcome!
Welcome to the village of Endora.
The legends say that a dragon will help those trying to cross over the sea to Techna.
I remember these cyborgs from long ago!
A long time ago, I saw a wounded, one-eyed dragon fly out from Cape Dragon Spine toward the sea.
We welcome you to Lensol, travelers.
We've always assumed our enemies were Layan, but I think we've been wrong all these years.
Technicians used to live in this dome-world. Since the war 1,000 years ago, however, all scientific knowledge has been lost.
The island of Techna lies to the northeast. They may have tales of Satellite.
LUNE "I'm Lune; I once fought in Laya's army. Orakio banished me here almost 1,000 years ago. For centuries I bided my time in cryogenic sleep. I recently awoke and decided to take revenge. But I now regret the trouble I have caused." ALAIR "I'm Alair, Lune's sister. I also have been frozen in a cryogenics pod for 1,000 years. When I woke up, I was kidnapped by Orakians. Of course, that made my brother more furious. Yes, we were the ones who destroyed Satera. But we're not behind the recent monster attacks. We hope you can forgive us for our past errors."The aero parts for that Wren are in the dungeon.Down the stairs are the aero parts for the Wren. Use them to reach the sky city on Frigidia. There you may find the strength to combat evil.Be warned, strangers, Lune is very depressed.
LUNE "Once again, evil stalks our world, Adan. I am sending Kara to accompany your group. She has my Lune Slicer; I think you'll need it."
ALAIR "A long time ago, your father rescued me. I'm sure you can protect my niece, Kara."
The floating city has wise sages, I'm told. Use the aero parts in the dungeon to reach it.
What caused that strong earthquake, you wonder? It was another ship, identical to ours! Without warning, someone on our ship attacked. They zapped us just as their ship vaporized. That's how we were shoved out of our orbit. I wonder who they were and who attacked them?
NIAL "Aron, please take Mieu and Wren with you. Find out what happened with those spaceships. I'm afraid there's more trouble in the works."
LUNE "Aron, we seem to be at war once again. Take your cousin Kara with you on your quest. Find out what's going on, but be careful!"
ALAIR "Look out for each other, Aron and Kara."
NIAL "Aron, uncover all you can in the domes. Question everyone you meet down there."
Wren's aero parts can be found in the dungeon.
We're afraid that you'll die down there.
RHYS "Don't worry, Nial, I will protect Landen. Cille and Shusoran are Layan lands, of course, but Layans can be found elsewhere as well."
LENA "Please save my homeland, Nial."
Lune's army must be stopped or we're doomed!
Laya's monsters came from the west, they say.
Satera has been wiped out by that vile Lune!
This awful news has devastated your mother.
SARI "We must end this war before more die. With Laya's Treasure we can stop the fighting. To find Laya's Treasure, use an ancient machine that can be found in a world to the southwest."
You're the only descen- dant of Orakio left!
The western part of this world belongs to Lune. If you head that way, be very careful!
Lune's army has built a bridge over the river. He is looking for Laya's Treasure in Aridia.Sari has countered every one of Lune's attacks. Thank Orakio for Sari! Lune can't beat her!
AYN "Crys, you must destroy Siren for good! Then return our ship to its proper course."
SARI "Defend your people and do not fail them!"
Pilots can be found in a world past Satera.
To the west is Lune's army of monsters.
NIAL "Adan and Gwyn-- visit our friend Lune. He may know what's going on."
LAYA "Take care, kids, and mind your manners."
Beware! Gwyn's dream is a premonition of danger!
Let us know what you find out.
Visit Dahlia; Lune may have some answers.
Hurry back, Aron. Our land needs you.
Prince Nial, run before Lune's army finds you! Even now they're pouring out of a southern cave.
Right now, your father's land is being invaded. No one knows who's responsible for it.
Everywhere you go, there seems to be fighting.
I wonder who is attacking your lands?
Cille and Shusoran are in flames!
Our people are not at war with yours, Prince. We have lived in peace for many years.
Some people from Cille and Shusoran escaped.
Satellite is nothing but an old legend!
I hope you find the legendary Satellite.
Welcome to Agoe Castle! Many strange things have been happening lately.Visit Sage Isle in this dome-world.
Cyborgs have been seen crossing the sea.
LYLE "I'd like to come with you, Ayn, but I'm afraid that my people need me right now."
THEA "Hello. I'm Thea, Lyle's daughter."
Lyle lost one of his eyes in a recent battle.
Shusoran will win as long as Lyle is with us!
How can we hope to win against the Orakians?
King Lyle will lead us to victory, never fear.
RHYS "Look for Satellite, my son!"
MAIA "This land must be saved. Hurry, Ayn!"
The Orakians will send their cyborgs to fight.
Old tales tell of a Satellite of true peace. Only the chosen ones can dwell there.
Our lives depend on your courage, Prince Ayn.
Armies of robots are surrounding our castle!
The eastern cave is home to monsters and cyborgs. There's something beyond the cave.
A long time ago, a lad who looked just like you entered the castle and rescued a woman.
A long time ago, a dragon grabbed a woman out of the castle dungeon and flew away. But I managed to leave a scar on its face!
Rulakir is Orakio's twin brother.
There is a cave that lies far to the south. That cave leads to another domed world. Cyborgs and monsters are coming from there.
We haven't seen a cyborg in Techna for years!
This world used to be called the Engine Room.
In the dungeon of this dome is a huge engine. Some say there once was a shuttlecraft down there for trips to and from the moon Azura.
I'm not sure that we're doing the right thing.
I'm sure Lune will accept my apology.
Welcome, Orakians, to our proud castle!
We're in for it when Lune finds us!
We've kidnapped Lune's sister! Smart move, eh?
I didn't kidnap Alair! Don't blame me!
Alair will never leave our dungeon.
Lune might attack at any moment! Run away!
That Layan, Alair, gives me the creeps.
I hope Lune isn't too mad at us.
Our ancestors piloted this spaceship long ago. But over the years, much knowledge has been lost.
Rulakir has returned! He is Orakio's twin!
Welcome to glorious Divisia-town, strangers! Did you know that Wren cyborgs can transform? You must find the parts to fly, swim, and dive.
Real pilots are almost nonexistent nowadays. Much knowledge has been lost since they left us. Not to worry, though, Rulakir is still around.
LYLE "You must rescue my daughter, Thea, for me. She has been taken to the east by our enemies. The key to the eastern world is in this chest. The Dragon's Tear will unlock the cave."
LYLE "Ayn, words can't express my gratitude. Take the Twins' Ruby; it opens the Landen path."
LYLE "Go to the place called Cape Dragon Spine to the east. Hurry, no time to waste."
RHYS "Ayn, please help my friend--rescue Thea!"
RHYS "You've done well, my son."
RHYS "Look for the Satellite of Peace!"
MAIA "You are our last hope. Be brave, Ayn."
We're all that's left of Cille and Shusoran.
You're my hero! Prince Ayn, your family awaits you in the cave.\82
We had no choice but to run for our lives.
Three cheers for Ayn! Three cheers for Thea!
Lyle's in bad shape. He may not live very long.
Lyle was wounded by the cyborgs. They took Thea.
The people of Shusoran are in your debt.
We're all that's left of Cille and Shusoran.
An army of cyborgs wiped out Cille and Shusoran.
Cille was destroyed and Thea was taken by the cyborgs; Lyle tried to rescue her by himself.
Lyle feels that he's let his people down.
All opponents of Lune are welcome here.
Someone brought Dahlia back to its orbit. That's why Lune and Alair woke up!
Even Orakio had a tough time defeating Lune.
Lune's army is looking for something in Aridia. We want to go to Aridia, but we don't know how. Maybe the Twins' Ruby can get us there.
Orakio banished Lune and Alair to faraway Dahlia. Lune and Alair dreamed of taking revenge on us, so they froze themselves until the moon returned.
We welcome you to the Castle of Skyhaven.\85
My masters have waited centuries for you.
My masters await you within the castle.
The ultimate evil dwells on a floating city in the barren wastelands of the dome named Terminus.
You may indeed be ready for the task ahead.
A word of ultimate power has been lost for ages. This name can empower the weapons of legend.
Nei is the word of ultimate power.
To discover the lost name, you must first find all five weapons of ancient legend.
Our task is over; yours truly begins now.
The ancient heroes used the legendary weapons. These are Orakio's Sword, Miun's Claw, Siren's Shot, Laya's Bow, and Lune's Slicer.
Use the Nei weapons to destroy Dark Force.
The name of power can be learned on Sage Isle, in Draconia, the world of old Cille and Shusoran. Our dungeon holds the aqua parts for Wren. These will enable you to wrest Orakio's Sword from its watery tomb and to visit Sage Isle.
Equip yourselves with the Nei weapons
Go through the castle to reach Southern Divisia.
Lune's going to stomp us flat!Lune and Alair were frozen for 1,000 years!
Lune's sister Alair is in Divisia's castle.
I hope Alair and Lune don't attack Divisia.
A rebel army trains in a cave far to the west.
The rebels want to go to the lands of Aridia. They must enter the cave southeast of Landen.
Welcome to Northern Divisia.
Enter the castle to reach Southern Divisia. A pilot lives beyond the bay past our town.
To reach Aerone, you need Laya's Pendant.
Our people once piloted this great spaceship. Aerone is rumored to have pilots even now. Some rebels are in a cave far to the west. The sub parts for Wren are also in that cave. Use these to find Laya's Treasure in Aridia.
Welcome to the village of Aerone.
Lune and Alair live in the purple moon, Dahlia.
Take our rocket shuttle to reach distant Dahlia. Follow the path east to find the shuttle.
Azura and Dahlia are man-made satellites that orbit around our homeworld, Alisa.
Go east on this path to see the real Alisa.
Welcome to Aerone, the last home of the pilots. East on this path leads to the moon, Dahlia.
Only vast power could have blasted Azura.
Siren has made our world veer toward the sun. We'll all die unless we change our course soon.
The explosion forced our ship to alter course.
A dream in which you fall into a dark pit? We've heard we are aimed toward a black hole. Perhaps your dream is a warning of our fate!
The beam that struck the moon Azura came from a dome that is said to be a barren land of horror.
We're heading right for the sun! Do something!
There's nothing beyond this spaceship.
That explosion knocked us off our course. Maybe your dream means there's a black hole ahead!
The explosion of Azura lit up the sky!
We're trying to get off our collision course, but there's something opposing our efforts.
Something is preventing us from changing course. You must get rid of it before we crash.
Something is preventing us from changing course. You must get rid of it before we crash.
The explosion of Azura was spectacular!
We'll burn up unless we change course soon!
It's no use, we're doomed no matter what.
I wonder how it'll be to enter a black hole?
People call this place Sage Isle.
The lost word cannot be revealed until all five legendary weapons are gathered together.
Who knows if your puny weapons are enough?
Untold suffering awaits us all if you fail.
You must show us all of the legendary weapons before you learn the ancient word of power!
All the legendary weapons have been gathered for the first time in 1,000 years.
Orakio's twin brother turned into a fiend.
Once all five of the legendary weapons were together, but now they are scattered.
You are worthy to hear the ancient word spoken.
Return to Skyhaven to empower your weapons.
To learn the lost word, collect all the weapons!
The ancient word of power is the word "Nei." We now give the Grantz technique to Mieu.
Go now and fulfill your destiny!
You pull Orakio's Sword from its stone sheath. Engraved on the floor is "I hold Dark Force."
DARK FORCE "At last I am free of my vile bonds! Tremble, fools, for I roam the worlds again! Other matters await me, but we will meet again!" You have learned Megido, destruction incarnate!
SIREN "I fought Laya many long centuries ago. I nursed my hatred and attacked Layan people. But on Sage Isle I found that the Layans are not our real enemies. I am sorry for my mistake."Siren collapses.
MIUN "Where is Orakio? It's been 1,000 years, but I'd know his black sword anywhere!"
MIUN "The black sword! Orakio, you've returned! I'm so glad to meet you again before I...." Miun collapses.
RULAKIR "My heart went black 1,000 years ago, when my family died in the Laya-Orakio war. Dark Force owns my soul and he shall own yours!"
RULAKIR "You have freed me; destroy Dark Force! Rulakir is dead; finally he is at peace.
Dark Force appears! DARK FORCE "I am Dark Force, master of death!
Your sorrow, anger, and pain are my strength!
Observe my might and despair of life, fools!I will greatly enjoy your painful deaths!"
DARK FORCE "I regret smashing only one moon. Never fear, I'll return again in 1,000 years; you'll be dead, but I'll visit your descendants! It'll be a merry reunion all around, I promise!" Dark Force disappears!
DARK FORCE "I wanted you to burn in the sun-fire. It was not to be this time, but I'm patient. I'll be back in 1,000 years to try again!" Dark Force disappears!
DARK FORCE "I almost got you into the black hole. Oh well, I'll do it next time--in 1,000 years!" Dark Force disappears!
DARK FORCE "Wasn't that ship explosion a blast? I destroyed one of the two remaining ships left out of the original 400; you're the last one now! I'll finish your ship off 1,000 years hence." Dark Force disappears!
KARA "Father's too weak to fight. I must do it! Father, please lend me your Lune Slicer!" Kara joins your party
Fifteen peaceful years passed in Landen....An earthquake shook the entire kingdom!
NIAL "Adan, find out what caused that tremor! Be sure to take Mieu and Wren along with you."
GWYN "Adan, you must take me with you!" Gwyn joins your party.
KARA "Father wants me to accompany your party. It is my duty to find out what happened." Kara joins your party.
That blast knocked our spaceship out of orbit! I sure hope nothing bad comes of this.
Legends tell of wise people in a sky-city that floats over a dome- world of ice and snow. Our dungeon has a device that allows Wren to fly!
Laya has gone back to sleep in her palace. Perhaps she would join you, if you asked her.
Who knows what the spaceships fought about?
I saw a spaceship that looks exactly like ours! Both spaceships beamed lasers at each other and the strange spaceship exploded into fragments! The earthquake happened when our ship was hit and was knocked off its set course.
Perhaps the wise folk of Skyhaven, on Frigidia, know why the spaceships attacked one another. Aero parts for Wren can be found in our dungeon.
This city is too evil to leave standing!
<character>'s anger triggered the Megido technique.
WREN "Megido is tearing the whole city apart!" MIEU "Hurry, we've got to get out of here!" WREN "There's no time, we'll never make it!"
Mieu used the Grantz technique automatically. The entire party was instantly teleported to a place of safety far from the falling city.
The evil city seemed to scream a hideous cry as it fell from the sky and sank deep into the lake.
You used your escapipe! Normally a smart move, but now I'm afraid the game can't be continued. Please press the Reset Button and try again.
MIEU "Look! A spaceship that's just like ours! It must be the other surviving spaceship." WREN "That spaceship is sending us a message."
MIEU "Look at the sky-- the sun is enormous! We're going to burn up if we get much closer. The pilots had better hurry up and move us!"
KARA "Those pilots cut it pretty close!" WREN "They're sending us a message!"
MIEU "Look, the black hole is getting smaller! We're moving away from it now!" KARA "The people of Aerone moved us away!" WREN "There's a message coming in."
MIEU "Look! We're going into a black hole!"KARA "We were knocked out by that collision." WREN "The stars aren't in the right places. We were transported across space and time when we went through the black hole's surface." MIEU "We're getting a message from a planet that orbits the star ahead of us...."
Wren transforms into an aquaskimmer.
Wren transforms into a submersible.
Wren transforms into an aerojet.
Wren transforms back to its original form.
The party has been destroyed.
We are the keepers of our people's history. For 1,000 years we have kept the past alive. Listen well and you will hear of our plight.
We're the descendants of the people of Palm, a planet that once circled the distant star Algo. Palm was destroyed by an evil being that haunts us every 1,000 years, bringing death and ruin. This evil incarnate is known as Dark Force!
The people of Palm were thinkers and creators. They knew of the plans made by the evil being. When the vile Dark Force stirred 1,000 years ago, preparations were made to escape from Palm.Our ancestors built a fleet of 400 spaceships.
This armada escaped the destruction of Palm and set off into space to find a new homeland.
Our ancestors thought they had at last escaped from the clutches of the undying master of evil. But Dark Force managed to slip aboard a ship. It destroyed all but one of our sister ships before Orakio and Laya trapped it on Alisa. Now there are only two ships left of our fleet: our ship, the Alisa, and the Neo Palm.
I thought I saw a flash of light go past us! Another one hit us! It's causing explosions! This satellite's going to blow up--get out!:
Hello Alisa. This is the spaceship Neo Palm. That explosion earlier attracted our attention. We guessed that Dark Force had arisen again and we came over to lendany help you needed. Since you're still here, we assume you've won. In 1,000 years, DarkForce will arise again. Let's get rid of it for good next time!
Hello, this is Aerone. Thanks for your help. We're once again back on our original course. Without you, Dark Force would have prevailed. We're going toward the brightest star up ahead. We're heading for one of its planets--the third one out from the star. It seems perfect for us. At last, our journey is almost over!
Hello, this is Aerone. Thanks for your help. We're once again back on our original course. Without you, Dark Force would have prevailed. We're going toward the brightest star up ahead. We're heading for one of its planets--the third one out from the star. It is perfect for us. At last we're nearing the end of our journey!
Greetings, alien craft! Identify yourselves. This is the London Communications Center on Earth of the Sol system. Over and out