The Complete Guide to Phantasy Star III

The Wacky Adventures of Rhys (alternative)

Getting Started

If you haven't done so already, follow the instructions in the original "Wacky Adventures of Rhys". to get Rhys across the river. The first few steps in this adventure are the same as the original, but it eventually takes an interesting turn..


"When I find this 'Nial' guy I'll tell him!"
You start the quest standing outside of the ruined town. Go inside and talk to the soldier. He thinks you're some guy named Nial and tells you to enter a cave to the south. Head south to check out that cave, you won't need a gem to enter it. Follow the passage until you exit in Elysium. Use your monitor to get a good chuckle.

North Divisia

"Umm, I hate to tell you this but she already left"
Head south to the town of North Divisia. Continue south into the castle, everyone there claims they kidnapped a Layan named Alair. Hop into the castle dungeon.. it looks like Alair found her own way out, oh well, continue through to South Divisia. In South Divisia you learn that some rebels are in a southern cave.. let's go check them out.

Rebel Cave

Hi Lyle!
Work your way to the cave, inside you'll meet Ryan.. who is disguised as Lyle! Talk to Ryan/Lyle and Lune will appear.. after some threats from Lune, Ryan/Lyle will join your party.

Ryan, Lyle, Mieu, whatever

Lune, what a jerk
Look at this.. it turns out Mieu was actually disguised as Ryan who was disguised as Lyle because she's now in you party. Grab the sub parts for Wren while you're there.

Back across the river

Back across the river
Haul all the way back to Satera town on Landen.. go as far North and East as you can so that Landen castle is clearly in view. Hack the save game so you're standing just below Landen again.

Click here to download a save state with Rhys & Mieu back across the river with the Sub Parts.


Get the sapphire
From here you'll continue the first generation as usual for a while. Start by going to Ilan and talking to the old man who owns the boat. He'll sail you to the island where you'll meet Lyle and get the Sapphire.

Whatever you do, don't go to the lake where you find Mieu.


Travel to Aquatica
Use the Sapphire to travel to Aquatica and continue onward to Aridia.

Here's where the wackiness begins again! Once you get to Aridia head for the whirlpool just south of Hazatak.


Who brought Wren?
What's that you say? Wren's not in the group, how can he possibly use the Sub Parts? I don't know either but he can. I told you this was wacky.

Anyway, walk over to the palace and to meet Laya.. when you do Wren will join the group! Leave the area under Aridia and head for the passage to Frigidia.


No Mystery Star
Yeah I know.. you don't have the Mystery Star in your inventory. Luckily that doesn't prevent you from using it. Enter the passage and work your way to Frigidia.

Laya's Pendant

Get Laya's Pendant
Fight your way through Mystoke castle to earn Laya's Pendant. Rhys can now travel to every world! However, to complete this quest you'll have to hold off on that urge for a little while.

Back to Aridia

Laya's Pendant rulez!
With Laya's Pendant in hand it's much easier to get back to Aridia. Once you do, go to the cave where Wren is supposed to be.

Lyle Joins

Pick up Lyle in Wren's cave
You guessed it, Lyle joins your party when you talk to Wren. Leave the Western Cave and go to the Weather/Satellite control system.

Hi Lyle, have you met Lyle?

Hi Lyle, have you met Lyle?
Lyle is blocking the way to the weather control system. In a "normal" adventure this would be a problem.. but not in a "wacky" one.

Lena Joins

Lena joins the group
Talk to Lyle and Lena joins the group. Continue the first generation quest as normal by fixing the Weather System and returning to Aquatica.

Once in Aquatica, use the boat to sail to Shusoran.


More wackiness
In Shusoran, Lyle leaves the group causing this weird effect pictured to the left. Lena's sprite stays with you but she won't appear in any battles.

After Rhys fights Lyle, both Lyle and Lena rejoin the group. Continue the first generation quest as normal..

King of Cille

Fight the King of Cille
After fixing the Satellite System, go to Cille and fight the King of Cille.

After you win, choose to marry Maia. Why? Because Nial can already obtain the Sub Parts and Laya's Pendant so there's no wackiness at all in continuing his quest from this point.

Ayn with Laya's Pendant

Ayn starts with Laya's Pendant
Ayn's another story altogether though.. The Sub Parts and Laya's Pendant aren't in your inventory but he can still use them just fine.

The Wacky Adventures of Ayn

Ayn has his own wacky adventures..
Ayn now can have his own "wacky adventure". What happens if Ayn fights Lune? Guess you'll have to see for yourself..

Want more? Try the original "Wacky Adventures of Rhys".

Thanks to Daniel Kalabakov for offering a few ideas that led to the completion of this adventure - especially the part about getting through Shusoran with Lena already in your group.