The Complete Guide to Phantasy Star III

The Wacky Adventures of Rhys

Getting Started

If you don't have a hex editor there are save states from this quest available on the download page.

Alright, on to the adventure..
1) Start a new game
2) Go to marry Maia, get thrown in dungeon, escape, leave town
3) Once you are standing just outside of town save the game (F5 in Genecyst)

Open the save game in your favorite hex editor - scroll until the E480 and E500 lines are visible, the following values should be stored:
E480:06 E481:D0 E482:01 E483:38 E500:06 E501:D0 E502:01 E503:38
which translates to (06D0x0138)=(1744x312)

starting coordinates
Change these values to:

E480:06 E481:50 E482:01 E483:98 E500:06 E501:50 E502:01 E503:98
which translates to (0650x0198)=(1616x408)

ending coordinates

Rhys across the river
Reload the save game (F7 in Genecyst) and viola, Rhys is across the river.

The monsters on this side of Landen are all from Nial's quest and are basically impossible to kill with just your knife! Just kidding, you only fight chirpers the entire time so don't expect to gain many levels.

If you don't have a hex editor take a trip to the download page to get a Genecyst save state that will start you here with all the equipment needed to survive.


"When I find this 'Nial' guy I'll tell him!"
You start the quest standing outside of the ruined town. Go inside and talk to the soldier. He thinks you're some guy named Nial and tells you to enter a cave to the south. Head south to check out that cave, you won't need a gem to enter it. Follow the passage until you exit in Elysium. Use your monitor to get a good chuckle.

North Divisia

"Umm, I hate to tell you this but she already left"
Head south to the town of North Divisia. Continue south into the castle, everyone there claims they kidnapped a Layan named Alair. Hop into the castle dungeon.. it looks like Alair found her own way out, oh well, continue through to South Divisia. In South Divisia you learn that some rebels are in a southern cave.. let's go check them out.

Rebel Cave

Hi Lyle!
Work your way to the cave, inside you'll meet Ryan.. who is disguised as Lyle! Talk to Ryan/Lyle and Lune will appear.. after some threats from Lune, Ryan/Lyle will join your party.

Ryan, Lyle, Mieu, whatever

Lune, what a jerk
Look at this.. it turns out Mieu was actually disguised as Ryan who was disguised as Lyle because she's now in you party. Grab the sub parts for Wren while you're there. Haul all the way back to Satera town on Landen.. go as far North and East as you can so that Landen castle is clearly in view. Hack the save game so you're standing just below Landen again.

Download a save state with Rhys & Mieu back across the river with the Sub Parts.


"Lyle! How'd you get down here?"
Travel down to Ilan and talk to the guy who tells you he saw a Layan. Head up to the lake and talk to Mieu. Wren will join your group now. Go to Yaata and talk to the boatman. Sail to the island. Go into the island cave and talk to the real Lyle.. to get the sapphire. Leave the cave and journey East to the passage to Aquatica.. when you arrive head South towards the passage to Aridia. Hey, you remember those sub parts? Are you thinking what I'm thinking? Go hop into the whirlpool to get Lyle.

On to Frigidia

Who brought the mystery star?
Leave the whirlpool and head West to the cave where Wren is. As you probably figured out already, Lena will join your group when you talk to Wren. Head South into the cave that leads to Frigidia. Although you do not possess the mystery star you somehow use it to enter the passage.

Laya's Pendant

Haul all the way down to Mystoke and enter the castle. Fight your way to the throne room with Laya's pendant.. use it to hear Laya's final words. You can now easily travel between worlds!

The End

All the worlds are now accessible!
This is basically the end of "The Wacky Adventures of Rhys". If you go to Aerone and try and take the shuttle to Azura the game will freeze. If you go to the weather control system to move the moons, well.. go try it for yourself and see.

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